An Escape from Marking

Hello everyone! Hehe, I am now blogging next to her, who looks.. busy. What you think teachers are not busy people? They work 24 hours a day ok. They teach your sons and daughters, and when they’re not teaching, they’re marking, and when they’re not doing that, they’re planning what and how to teach, and creating materials for teaching, and when they’re not doing that, they’re worrying about whatever they’re teaching. Of course, I haven’t even mentioned the tons of administrative work that they’ve been hurled with. The teaching job does not stop at 12.30pm! You think it’s a handful taking care of ONE child, try taking care of 34 of them, in one class! But that is not the silliest part. The silliest thing of all in this ridiculous profession is that, when just one student actually does his/her work, it makes the whole planning, yelling, negotiating and worrying seem worthwhile a thousand times over! They’re too easy to please, it’s just ridiculous.

Anyway, I shall now abruptly change the topic to something frivolous. Why? Because in life, we need frivolity to keep up sane, young, sexy and alive. Some fine dining, a little shopping spree now and then, beautiful jewellery, relaxing massage every full moon, great friends, great laughs. Enjoy them! They’re like little trinkets of joy. Just remember to always be thankful to God, for every minute, every second, every day.

I’m going way off tangent again. Oh I had a near-death experience today. Though that’s probably rather dramatic of me. It is “near death” but its not necessarilly mine. It was raining cats and dogs on the highway around lunch time, and I was rushing because I had to meet Boipren. Then I saw an ambulance flashing its lights on my rearview mirror and promptly went to the left side. Suddenly to my horror, the ambulance went on a puddle and swerved violently to the highway railings and slipped to MY side of the road! I had to practically slam on my brakes and stop in the middle of the road! If I hadn’t I surely would have hit the spinning ambulance. Crazy! The ambulance’s tyres probably had no tread left on it, which is rather scary since there’s a patient riding at the back! Anyway, it looks fine though, just superficial smashes on the side caused by contact with the highway railings. But someone has got to do something about the tyres. Scary.

Lets take a moment to reflect. *Al Fatihah*

A big shout out to the extremely thoughtful Senor Pablo Fernandez who sent me a little birthday gift all the way from Kangarooland! I’m extremely touched and suddenly have the strongest urge to say “Friends Forever” but I will not, because I’m cool. Hoho.

I WAS SO EXCITED on the way to the Mail Processing Centre. The last time I went there was for this. I think it reminds me of times when my dad used to be away a lot overseas and he’d send nice stuff, and we’d go and pick it up at the MPC and everyone would get a gift! It’s such a nice feeling!

At first I thought it was a CD, because it’s in a thin square packaging, then, when I got to the “censorship board” and had to open it right then and there, I was pleasantly surprised to find this chic pink card, and a little gift inside!

Isn’t it lovely? Hehe. I hooked it on my car keys right there and then! :D:D:D Thanks again Pabs!

Wow super long post. I should blog from school more often. Anyway, it’s extremely nice getting things from snail mail.

Here’s something fun, if you are a reader from anywhere outside of Brunei, do send me a postcard! E-mail or drop me a message on the Contact page so I can give you my proper address. My address is also available on my Facebook page. πŸ™‚ I’ll gladly return the favor, and it would surely make my day! Send from anywhere in the world!

9 thoughts on “An Escape from Marking

  1. I agree about the teachers thing. VERY MUCH. Kana provoke ko kah though? Did someone say it wasn’t, to you? It’s getting annoying though, this thought of teachers having it easy. Sigh, wish they can really feel what we feel. But yes, to me, I really really love it when my students are enjoying the lesson and are actually learning FROM ME! The feeling is just so over the top, that the hard work feels very worthwhile!

    I also like the idea of receiving something via snail mail! SIUK! Sending siuk jua. Yang, mesti on this day and so forth lah. The stamp and all. Hehehe.

    Oh by the way, Alhamdulillah you’re safe and sound! And how come ambulance inda maintain their cars well ah? Indawah, the recitation, saja-saja kah, or did the patient die? Curious.

    Eh panjang comment ku! *STOPS* πŸ˜›


  2. Yatabah, emosi pulang ku menaip2 atu di first paragraph. Kira kes ranting lah tu. I was surrounded by tired teachers tadi yatah. Triggered by kesian kali. I wasn’t provoked or anything. Hehehe emosi!

    Yes ALHAMDULLILAH indeed! Inda, I don’t know pulang if the patient in the ambulance died or not. Before I wrote “al Fatihah” it was *ommmmm* ku taip. Skalinya mcm I thought, eh bahapa pulang ku kan ter-omm omm ani. Kan Fatihah lagi “afdal” for reflection heheheeh. So I wrote that instead. Not just for dead people! The living will get many benefits from it as well!

    But you’re right, MENGAPAKAN the ambulance not well maintained? Brunei Times *cough*DEWI*cough* if you are reading this, cuba pantau-pantau keadaan di sana atu. Patut dimantapkan sedikit status kenderaan-kenderaan tersebut, terutama bahagian tayar. ESEH.

    Lapas kan eksiden atu tarus ku kuat makan. Hahahahaha!


  3. I tell you, even after years of teaching.. you still get some annoying maggots telling you how “lucky” you are to be one.

    I love getting snail mails too. Even though it was just my purchase over the Ebay.

    Ask your boipren kirim you postcard lah.


  4. Like this blog. Iye lah, gi tu lah keadaan nya jadi teacher. Challenges memang lah banyak. The rewards are actually the knowledge the students have gained that you imparted to them. Talking from experience, you will see more fruits later when the students go further to their career. Significant high points of your life.

    Like di gift! Hei Senor Pablo, you are kewl man! cantek, bisai, lawa, menyentuh hati, and esteeeeeeh.

    Driver ambulance ato inda select 4WD bah kali. Or the Ambulance nd da 4WD. If it rains, wet road, advice to select 4WD so that more traction. Inda wheels nya aqua-planning. Ia bole training sama GEMILANG dulu. kalau nda mana ia skid to. YL T1 lagi handal to.


  5. Yes, I think the drivers should go for fast driving training… yuhooo Ministry of Health…. do something….or is it Ministry of Finance dulu mesti bagi duit to do something … hehe…


  6. Interesting blog you have … nicely written with a fresh perspective from a Bruneian.

    I guess either the kids or the management will give teachers a hard time. My wife’s a teacher so I know more or less what you’re going through.


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