Officially missing the troops

I bumped into this talented young photographer for the very first time tonight on MSN, advertising his blog to his contact list. He updates rarely so I was expecting the same old post, but lo and behold, our pictures from the Gemilang Sabah XPDC is up! I devoured every single one hungrilly.

It definitely brought memories and I am now officially missing the troops from Gemilang! I never do any namedropping, but here is a whole load of it coming your way!

I especially miss Tango 1’s residents, AYN and MKJ (even Mr Ampierrrgh, who moved to another Tango to become their driver in Limbang). Also Pegasus! And Farah, DJ Zura, the Gemilang YDP (and family), the good doctor (also with family), and all the other Tangoes! I’ve missed all the reunions they organised because they all usually happen on a day I already have plans.

I even miss the 4×4 Land Cruiser I spent a good part of the day and night in during our trip! I used to peep my head out of the sunroof to get good shots for MKJ on his DSLR while he drives and AYN navigates, and I peep out during pit stops, to listen to the boys talk about nonsense outside. I miss the damn sunroof.

I miss the brief R&R stops we used to make every few hours of driving. OH and I miss the neverstopping amateur radio banter during driving! I am still in awe of the spontaneity of all the radio conversations throughout the journey. Very very entertaining.

Finally I miss those group photos under sweltering hot sun during noon just because the lighting is best during that hour. Heh.

Till we meet again, this post is to let you guys know: I miss you all!

Photos stolen and credited to: Hafiz AH

One thought on “Officially missing the troops

  1. We miss u too YL Tango 1! nice of you to post this blog of the road trip with the nice pictures. Yeah the XPDC really meant something to us all and to GEMILANG. It was nice to have you with us. GEMILANG is still around, ‘live n kickin’ still striving and endevour to work hard towards CEMERLANG, GEMILANG & TERBILANG. We ve been busy lately, checkout our website of the recent activities. There always another time. There will be more reunions, gatherings, ambuyat nites, and many more. We’ll meet you sometime. InsyaAllah. Keep up the good work and your blogs. Likeitalot!


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