Four days and Nature

Photo by Ahim Rani.

I am sorry. But I find the Bangkatan really funny to look at. I’m scared to call it ugly. As the elders say, MASAP ARI.

The Boyfriend told me once, on his way to Temburong, their boat had to stop to let two Bangkatans swim pass the river. They were using their noses as flotation devices. Yeap, true story!

Anyway, it’s a cruel joke that the Indonesians call this simian, Orang Belanda (literally meaning Dutch Man). Even more cruel is that, people think that this name is appropriate! Hehe.

The small eyes, big nose and pot belly. It’s such an amusingly curious animal to find in the jungle! Shows just how colourful the fauna of Borneo’s lush green forests are. Unfortunately, sightings of the Bangkatan is getting rarer and rarer, and the poor thing is now listed as a species in danger of extinction caused by loss of habitat.

Coincidentally what’s Brunei doing to protect the Bangkatan? (Arguably there’s not much development going on on that side of Brunei where sightings are common but that’s hardly a reason to be complacent no?)

So yes. Bangkatans are funny.

5 thoughts on “Four days and Nature

  1. I say, ban all boats who make trips to see this animal, or at least… control the number of boats and the number of tourists sighting in the boats, and the place to sight them.

    I went to Pulau Selirong for my fieldtrip last year, the place was supposed to be filled to the brim with this animal, but thanks to visitor pressure, we didn’t sight any animal at all, it was a sad day.

    But that’s what you would hear from a conservationist wannable such as myself, hehe.


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