Obliterated Eardrums


What a day!

See, something good always come out of wearing orange! 😀

In other news, I am, every night, surrounded by enormously talented people. One of which is Miss Click & Render, the almost official member of press for SSEAYP Brunei 2008. Check out her photoblog!

Putting a pencil between my nose and lips: one of my hidden talents. Can you do it? Send me a picture!

No make-up except for the eyeliner and she photoshopped out all my acne for me! Ha!

5 thoughts on “Obliterated Eardrums

  1. Maurina.. maurina.. hahah great in orange huh….. move it like its hottttttt… awal jua ciao lasnyt? im d lady in blue.. 😛


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