Packing the hell outta me: Less than 3 hours left before take off

I just have this gnawing feeling that something will get left behind, and my bag feels freaking heavy! I’m usually quite the light traveller but this time round I brought food just in case everything there has babi in it. (I hope not!)

Wish me a safe journey!


  1. This is your character and this is why I hated you so much :

    1 – You’re so pity…. minta kesian kah $35 saja kan di bawa ke china? KESIAN……….

    2 – You ate babi jua….. dont you know? that’s why you look like one and god knows… your nose apa lagi sama berabis…

    3 – Hope you suffer in China pasal di sana orangnya kurus2…. bagi2 tia lamak mu atu

    4 – If you don’t know how to pack… why pack? dumping saja baju2 betian mu atu…welll… you look like a pregnant woman to me dear

    5 – Im not jealous of you because I’ve got nothing to be jealous of because you are NOTHING to me

    6 – Consider that this is a bad comment to you so…. don’t answer me macam kanak2…





  2. wah atu marah banar cShe ah.. hope ur not mistaken with me SHE maurina… kajuts ku *dlm ati bila ku mnaip* anyway..hope u update frequently on pictures especially.. good luck



  3. Maurina! Cant wait for your China post!! =))

    SHE- I know this is none of my business but you are such a joke. Your post is sooo childish. how old are you kan? wake the fuck up. rasa kan ku tampar mua mu ah. pengucapan jua kau ah. OMG. you are so narrow minded, she. “Hope you suffer in China pasal di sana orangnya kurus2….” I hate people like you. You’re so narrow minded. stereotyping lagi tu!! pemikiran mu atu singkat wah.

    if Maurina’s “NOTHING TO YOU”, WHY do you bother going to her site? She, kau yang macam kanak2. Kau yang kana ketawa kan, you pathetic loser.

    Dont make me hack you. Ptui!



  4. hahaha..kanak2 banar si She aka ‘Hater’ ah…cakapnya org macam kanak2 ia yg mcm kanak, mcm kanak2 mengucap, ‘ko mcm babi’, ‘ko lampuh’, i mean come on…thats the sort of thing kanak2 wud say…ko kanak2 kah?

    kami kesian arah mu…mcm striving for attention…mcm u say that she means NOTHING to you..on the contrary…she obviously means a lot to you, sampai sanggup ko baca blognya and comment..if nothing, nda jua ko peduli tu…mcm tahi siring jalan bah…if it means nothing to u then ud just walk on by…not scream bloody hell at it…or ko indik2…right now uve just stepped on a big pile of it…sal right now we are feeling sorry for you…which is not the reaction that u were looking for i bet…i feel sorry for u…but lets be friends…mau?



  5. “mcm tahi siring jalan bah…if it means nothing to u then ud just walk on by…not scream bloody hell at it…or ko indik2…”

    Hahahahahah sakit parut eh! But yeah, true. Kanak2 banar 🙂

    Hahahahh man, terhibur saya masih.



  6. hehehehe…i know right…m bored eh..when is she back?wana hangout…batah dah nda hangout…mau…u better bring me a panda bear…



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