China-ASEAN Youth Arts Festival 2008: Cultural Night (Before & After)

Our last night in Guiyang, we were supposed to go th a Cultural Night thing, where we were supposed to be performing something from our home country. But the Bruneians unfortunately couldn’t perform, since they didn’t have enough time to prepare. So we just decided to go and wear nice clothes for the evening.

Here were the boys all dolled up and extremely handsome, getting ready to leave for the Cultural Night Performances. We were in fits of laughter as we saw each other. Ches looks incredibly Malay! Each one of us wore the handwoven Jongsarats of tenunan Brunei to showcase our traditional attire (even me!).

Still at the hotel, a snapshot of us with the Chinese liaison officers, who were most helpful during our stay there, especially Miss Chen Yue (girl with glasses behind me). It’s a pity that she can’t access my blog from China as WP is permanently blocked there.There should’ve been more people like her!

First picture as we sat down at the hall. During our stay in Guiyang, I find it really sad that there was really no chance for mingling with the other delegates. Aside from the Singaporeans, language was a pretty large barrier to overcome. Either our Chinese was not good enough or their English was not good enough. So we were pleasantly surprised that despite the fact that we’ve never had a decent conversation with most of the other delegates, during the Cultural Night, some came up to us to make nice and take pictures.

With the Thai guy already in make-up, all geared for their performance. The Thais wore intricate costumes throughout the whole program. Best dressed definitely goes to them!

More Thais in costume! They were the only group who couldn’t speak both Chinese and English. We had a very hard time communicating with them.

With the Singaporeans! They were the only people we truly talked to! Hahaha. They were a fun bunch as well. I was so disoriented when they first talked to us because I was expecting Chinese gibberish, but it was actually English! It took a while to register that we were not the only people able to speak English.

With the ladies from Myanmar! Their dresses are very much like the Bruneian Baju Fesyen right? Hehehe. Funny bunch of people I thought, especially Dr August’s favorite one in the darker shade of pink. 😛

And of course the Vietnamese! 😀

Oh by the way, yes, I was wearing a thick sequinned cinch belt to hold up my jongsarat as opposed to the usual metal ones. To modernify/youngify it just a tad. I now realise that it’s not supposed to be tapih-ed but suppposed to be folded into some sort of a fan on the side. So I might try that next time I have an international event hahaha.

8 thoughts on “China-ASEAN Youth Arts Festival 2008: Cultural Night (Before & After)

  1. Mau. ‘But the Bruneians unfortunately couldn’t perform, since they didn’t have enough time to prepare’… hmm the Olympics, anyone?? hehe It’s amazing how happy fotos from one night can belie all the preceding mishaps, the pork accidents, the miscommunication, the mispronunciations, the… Well done with the pics!


  2. Mau. First pic of me Ches and don, look closely and you’ll see the tangga belakang atu follows our height… uwe..!!

    also, jus noticed that my ‘fan’ the LO seemed a bit too pleased in that foto! I remember your comment aritu – ‘for personal consumption’ you said… yikes!

    You havent visited my site ah!


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