Naku penda piya-naku taka Piya-mpenziwe

Just a sexy song for our weekends.

Sorry for ignoring the blog, but if you’re reaaaaaaally that interested on what I’m been up to, I’ve been spending an insanely large amount of time at the Games Village. It has replaced Pusat Belia as our regular meeting point as the Pusat Belia is fully booked for the month of Ramadhan. BPY/SSEAYP related pictures and such are available here.

Oh and also follow up from the Ramadhan Briyani Amal is available here.

In other news, I might be migrating to a Linux machine soon. Maybe. And not really migrate completely, I’ll still be primarily operating on the Mac OS X, but just so I don’t get sore shoulders when I’m frolicking away around Japan and the other ASEAN countries. Yeap yeap, depending on when my pay comes out.

23 days left before we fly off! With $5 in my wallet, I declare the PREPARING MAURINA’S EXPEDITION AROUND SOUTH EAST ASIA FUND open for donations. Hehe.

Oh I did something fun at work a few days ago. The Institute of Medicine, due to the nature of courses available, has a very non-conventional (in the Social Sciences sense) way of testing student’s learning. Long story short, they did this thing called the OSCE (pronounced os-key) and it requires an objective individual to become a stimulatedsimulated patient (SP) with a scenario given earlier.

I was supposed to be the 27-year old Tutty, who wanted to get some advise on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Hehehe. It was funny, because I had like, 19 doctor-hopefuls, telling me to “start brisk walking on level ground for 5-10 minutes until you could hold a steady pace and then do it everyday for 30 minutes“. Hehehe.

Some funny questions I was asked by nervous doctor-hopefuls:

Do you have family? I mean… of course you have family, that’s a stupid question. (On exercising with family to make it a fun activity)

– I know logically you’d park near to the entrance of your work place, but do you park near or far?

I understand your father died of a heart attack? (He didn’t, my brother did.)

When was the last time you did any exercise? (*thinks* Hmmm… not since highschool) Oh, highschool. How old are you now again? (27.) *look of incredulity* Oh ok, that’s a very long time ago.

Hehehehe. I guess they’re the you-have-to-be-there kind of jokes. But fun fun!

What else. Oh Muaz tagged me now I love him less. 😛 I don’t want to do!

ANYWAY, I guess that’s all. So boys and girls,


(Image of creditted to Ah Ching. 😉 )

5 thoughts on “Naku penda piya-naku taka Piya-mpenziwe

  1. huhu the only reason why I tagged you was because I don’t know who else to tag… harhar your name just happened to pop in…

    plus, I miss you.. nyahahah

    Eid Mubarak!


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