My feet are killing me!

A whole day of standing and running around in baju kurong to refill the buffet table while maintaining a graceful poise. Phew! That’s the second day of Hari Raya in the household.

I shudder thinking of tomorrow. Not so much standing around but I’ve got FIVE open houses to visit. Bless my friends for being so generous! I will try to eat in moderation.

In the spirit of moderation, here are my hari raya restrictions:

  1. No soft drinks! Just warm/cold water for me thanks! (But I never refuse a cup of tea with no sugar. :))
  2. Eat a small bit of everything, with just a tiny portion of rice.
  3. INDULGE in the fruit platter/ulam-ulaman (when available)
  4. One piece of cake per house maximum unless it’s really pretty and it’s really nyaman.
  5. Unlimited nut quota.
  6. Stop getting annoyed when people ask about “when you’re ever going to finish UBD”.
  7. Stop getting annoyed. It’s Hari Raya.
  8. Stop thinking about Kapal Belia. You have a life remember?

Oh I’m so tired, I miss Ramadhan already.

And hey, happy first birthday Miss Ziya!

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