That time of the month

Image uploaded by 3liz4

Yes, it is that specific period of the year again where I’m just CRAVING for a delicious, tart, crumbly, yummy, orgasmically delicious PIE that I cannot obtain from anywhere in the country. I am also too lazy to make one from scratch even though it’s easy.

Here’s the thing. If a pie is so easy to make, why is it not so widely available in Brunei? Hmm. I want a whole pie, with warm berry filling, blanketed within a crumbly crust that is just to die for!

Served with whipped cream.

2 thoughts on “That time of the month

  1. oohh.. now that you mentioned it, why not you start the business daleng? hehe.. It’d be cool.. Let’s get over the whole cupcakes phase..

    Donuts – – cupcakes – – pies(?) :p

    On the other hand, I don’t like the raspberries in that pic though, they look photoshopped..


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