Pinboard: Doctor Fish

Let’s take a break from the SSEAYP adventures for now yes?

Before it becomes too outdated to write about, a few days ago, I’ve actually went on a trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It’s my second trip there for year, and since last time I went on an all out trek expedition through the magnificent roads of Sabah, this time I went by plane.

It was a very girly girly vacation of all the girly things you could ever think of. So girly that all guys within 4 feet of us will lose his manhood and instantly get his period. Hahaha.


Anyway, as is necessary for all girly trips, one of the fun fun things we did was  going to spas. One of the spas were of the unconventional Doctor Fish variety.

At first I was not so scared of the thought of fish nibbling on my belulang-ed feets. After all, it’s not like these fish have no teeth! They’re not piranhas. Then as we got closer to the small spa I started to get a leeeeeeetle nervous.

They prepare our feet by washing it in warm water and soap first. I think this was so the fishes don’t die and turn green as soon as we dip our feet into the water.

Ewwwwwww!!!! They look like a swarm of little tadpoles! All of us were noisilly bursting in fits of laughter! Well I was definitely squealing and my friend was laughing because I was squealing and my other friend was just being noisy. Haha, so altogether, we were extremely loud and making some major racket in the supposedly “relaxing” spa.

Many people were very angry I’m sure. Like this customer who had to use here IPod to block off annoying squealing from us. Hehe.

Verdict: I cannot get over the fact that KAKI KU BANYAK IKAN WAH OMAIGATTTTT! I could feel their little lips munching munching on my dead skin. It definitely did not hurt AT ALL. Hehehe. It’s very ticklish sometimes especially when they go in between your toes eeeekkkkk!!! I personally couldn’t watch the fishies going at my feet. Gali ku kali ah. They look like leeches! But after a while, it was okay.

I found that once you get over the fact that they’re fish, then you start to feel the pleasure points in the whole Doctor Fish spa. However, I definitely think that this is a must try experience for everyone. I also recommend doing a pedicure then some foot reflexology right after that. Heavenly!


By the way, speaking of travelling, I’m going to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning. Hehe. Will be meeting friends there like my cabin mate on Nippon Maru and there is also the possibility of us going to either Penang or Langkawi or both. I’m going to make sure I pack my swimming gear! Will be back next week, maybe. Or maybe I’ll stay a few more days. It’s all going to be fun and delicious (because it’s also going to be a culinary tour, I’m going to eat everything in KL)! Wish me a good journey!

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