BPY Relief & Rescue Team!

One of the great things about SSEAYP is that you not only gain friends (or frenemies), you gain family. This family may be diverse and unconventional, and some you would have trouble getting along with.

But you shared a common experience during training, and then shared common friends on the ship, and you share a common feeling of devastating loss after that when leaving the ship. Then, they won’t let you mend alone, they will mend together, because you need them and they need you.

From the laughter, and from the tears you wet on their shoulders, you gain a group of people that are fiercely loyal to you, with the common interest of making the country a better place to live in, a group of people that you trust and love to death and a group of people who you would go to the ends of the earth for.

Today, after a long leisurely lunch with some BPYs, I went back to my car to find that.. GASP! I forgot to turn off my headlights when I went down towards the restaurant.

So after a few moments of cursing at my own stupidity and unsuccessfully starting up my car’s engine, I proceeded to text my Dad if he’s free to jumpstart my car, and Boipren in Temburong (no reason but solely for attention seeking). Then I texted G-Zul, who I just finished having lunch with, so we could laugh at my clumsy predicament brought on by my own absentmindedness.

Then out of nowhere, G-Zul called and he said “WE’RE NEARBY AND COMING! I’M BRINGING QAMAR!”

Hahahah! This was already during working hours. I didn’t stop them though because if they were nearby this should just take only 5 minutes and it’s better than dragging Dad all the way down from Bengkurong in the rain to Serusop just to jumpstart my car.

After a short while waiting, they came! Not only with Mamul, but also with darling Rinah!

The figured that there would be no space for the other car so we manually moved the car to a nearby spot that was actually parking space for two. Hehe. How often do you see men in working clothes pushing a car.

I was in the car positively delirious. Laughing! It was really a funny sight! I was supposed to maneuvre the car into the parking position. I really felt like Fred Flintstones at the time.

Rinah carefully parked her car next to mine to facilitate jumpstart procedure. Hehe. Well, actually she took this picture, and that’s G-Zul driving her car.

Boots open!

Here’s Mamul clipping the anodes and cathodes using the leads.

In the mean time, I read and translated to them the instructions for use! I am such a nerd. Well you cannot be too careful. None of us has ever done car jumpstart ever before. LOL!

Uh-oh, it didn’t work at first! So much for carefully reading the instructions. While reexamining the text on the bag, a nice stranger came to help. Apparently we clipped the leads inaccurately and it wasn’t really mengandat (touching) the anode and cathode points.

IT WORKED! And we were all smiles! Yeay! A quick thank you to the very nice stranger who went out of his way to help us. Thank you very much.

So the BPY Rescue Team left for work. 🙂 For real this time.

Better than 24-7. We’re buckets of fun. Hee. So for future reference, all BPYs who wish to have their car jumpstarted, I have the red & black wire thing! You know my number, contact me for it. Hehehe.

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