During sunshine after the rain

Today I witnessed the heart of Brunei helpless, drowning and enveloped in black.

I would just like to congratulate the Traffic Police, the Fire & Rescue Department, and all Bruneians for handling it rather well. The roads seem confusing, but we’re trying our best to not bring panic and chaos. I’ve never seen us so careful, and I am grateful.

And to those who are actually lighting fireworks to illuminate this darkness, thank you. 🙂

Please dedicate those beautiful spurts of light to all the tired officers who had to work tonight, trying to keep peace and order, with smiles on their faces.

But most importantly, pray tonight for your fellow Bruneians whose homes are destroyed by flood and landslides.

6 thoughts on “During sunshine after the rain

  1. mau! You changed your blog appearance lagi! I was loving the red background atu – intense and bisai. bah yoga soon! pilates lagi kan mencuba! hehe


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