Soran Bushi

In a few days time, on an unconfirmed date, the BPYs will once again be performing for the public. Hehehe. Drama queen much? But yes, so we had a practice session and boy, if I was ever confused as to how Japanese ladies stay fit, I now have the answer. With traditional dances like Soran Bushi, how could you ever gain weight???

I doubt our audience will be reading this blog so let me confide in you, here’s a video of our choreography.

Ngalih luncat luncat!!! So until we finish practicing Soran Bushi, I’m putting yoga on hold. Otherwise I might actually die of exhaustion.


On a completely unrelated note, my sunburnt self attended Madam Tiff’s marvellous birthday party in Serikandi Kiulap last Friday upon Senor Pablo‘s invitation.

Happy birthday Madam Tiff. 😀

I enjoyed the event IMMENSELY thanks to the stand up comedians, Kumpulan 69. Here’s a fun fact about them: the name Kumpulan 69 was cheekilly given to them by His Majesty the Sultan personally. Well even he finds them hilarious, we were in utter stitches that night!

Do catch them at their usual playground, the Seasons, if you have the time.


To my Chinese friends and those with Chinese heritage, Happy Chinese New Year!

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