From the memory bank: Bangkok Port submerged

Suddenly I feel like posting about Bangkok. 😉

One of the more vivid memories of Bangkok that I have is one of Bangkok Port, one metre submerged under the Mekong River.

It was a very windy day, and in my red jersey dress, I ventured outside to take a look. It was already about 10am and we were supposed to have a Welcoming Ceremony down there at 2.30pm.

The reason I remember this moment very clearly is because while deep in my thoughts (actually thinking about how the hell are we supposed to go down there later because the Mekong River doesn’t particularly smell like roses)….

Anyway, as I was deep in these thoughts, another PY (can’t remember who it was exactly) came up from my back and said (near my ear) in a deep manly voice,


Hahaha. I can’t for the love of me remember who that was, but I was so shocked that I almost dropped my phone into the water. Thank god for phone straps.

These two pictures are taken by BPY08, Fared, one of the babies in the group. 😉

Oh by the way, by 2.30pm the port was as dry as a twig. Apparently the Thais have a magical device that drains the metre of water out, and then somewhat dries up the floor by 1pm. Amazing because… it was a helluva lot of water!

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