You have no idea, so stop!

Post warning: Some taboo language used. Parental guidance advised.

I’m finding myself slightly bothered by something I witnessed tonight in McDonald’s.

A gang of Malay boys, and I definitely mean a big gang of at least 10 boys in their 20s, physically hurting a small group of Middle Eastern-ish looking foreign boys (they look like they’re in their teens), in public. I mean, ok, so maybe they’re just stupid and hormonal and for all I know, they’re probably fighting of some girl. Ugh. Anyway, whatever the cause, it did get rather violent as they were barricaded in the fast food joint by the Malay boys.

But it’s not what I saw that is making me feel bothered but rather, it is what I heard. I keep on replaying it over and over in my head and it makes me extremely embarassed and disgusted. It’s just so disgusting that I feel like spitting.

“Hey Jew, motherfucking pussy! You think I’m scared?”

“You muslim? No, you’re a Jew!”

“Are u Islam man? Then come here!”

I can’t believe these words came out of a Malay’s mouth. And you kiss your mother with that mouth? How f-ing racist is that? A Jew? Calling someone a Jew like that? I’m just aghast! I am literally unable to string a sentence together to describe how I feel about this! What did your parents teach you man?

And bringing in Muslim & Islam into the fight? What the hell? These boys don’t know the first thing about being a Muslim! How long is it since the last time you saw the insides of a mosque? Kamu atu barigali sembahyang pun inda! If ever I wonder why there’s so much hostility surrounding Islam then I believe I’ve just found the reason. It’s people like these! I’m not perfect but I would never use Islam’s name like that!

A few moments later I saw those Middle-Eastern-ish looking boys heading for the police station just 3 minutes away with his red cuts and throbbing bruises escorted by a giant-sized friend. If it was not for that giant-sized friend, I doubt the boys would even make it out of the door.

Eeeeh barigali bah! And you know what else bothered me? I am sorry to stereotype. But here it is:

Malay style. If they fight, for sure they will bring a gang, of no less than 15 people, 13 of them not really knowing what’s going on, and pretty much in it for the thrill. And of course, yang kan dibawa kelayie ani gerenti 2-3 orang saja. Of course, bila ramai, iya rasa kuat lah. And more often than not, it has to be done in a public place, because what good is fighting if no one can see? Samsing tah rasa kamu tu. Shit, you won’t last 2 minutes in a real war.

This fight was only 2 minutes away from the police station and the police do not have a clue! I mean seriously, get a clue!

And McDonalds, hello! Families and kids dine there. I mean, don’t even have surveillance cameras.What if your workers are hurt?

I really didn’t want to blog about this at first. It’s really none of my business. But I’m bothered because I am ashamed! I am so ashamed of my fellow Malays. They seem so proud just waltzing in there like they own the world. Saying whatever, doing whatever. Shaddappp! BAIK PULANG KAMU MENANAM PUKUK DI BADAS!!!

Jangantah kan samsing.

14 thoughts on “You have no idea, so stop!

  1. Eh, membari gali jua orang Melayu cematu atu eh. Yatah ni orang Melayu cemani, mun diucapkan karang, marah. Konon inda supporting orang Melayu ketani sendiri lah, apa lah. PLEASE! Mun ulah cematu, siapa kan mau support?

    If I was there, I wouldn’t stand for it ah. Pebaik ku kana ucap penyibuk, ku report tu. I don’t tolerate for violence, let alone hate like they have portrayed.

    Anti-poklen community di Facebook yang kana buat oleh kanak-kanak lagi ku lawan, apatah lagi orang racist inda tau malu ani. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIHH!! Gerigitan ku!!


      1. There was, but it’s deleted now, I’ve talked to them and told them a thing or two about the broadcasting act. Kanak-kanak bah that made that fan page. I was probably the only grown-up who joined and had a say on it. Hahaha.


  2. eh! jgn d bawa ke Badas.. habis aku kana pick karang!!!

    Seriously.. I’m really ashamed that it has happened in our beloved country…We suppose to reapect one another…no matter what colour, creed or religion. I[‘m pleased that u have shared with the readers…as a reminder on the need to respect and sane.

    Alas..these people must be bored..notthing to do on Saturday Night..


  3. bari marah! racism bnr.. better lagi british yg racism.. atleast nda confront kami n ckp ‘hey u muslim??’


  4. agree on all counts eventhough I’m not a Muslim (yet). no one should be the brute of racist jibes, let alone bullied for that reason, either.

    I like what Tina has done with that anti-poklen fan page. and I like what Maw has done by posting this post, too. so don’t apologise for writing it in.

    It’s funny how being samseng is still cool in this part of the country..haha!


  5. I think whether they are religious Muslims or not or whether they are Malay or otherwise is irrelevant. The issue here is blatant racism. Abode of Peace? Right. What I’m more interested in is, since it happened in public, why didn’t anyone stop it? I have the impression that people just passed by and did nothing. And even worse, the police office is right around the corner were not aware of this until the incident was reported. Even then, was it just dismissed or were these violent bullies brought to justice?

    Was the incident even covered in the news? If not, what does that say about the country? That we implicitly tolerate, promote even, racism and turn a blind eye when it comes to these things. That we are xenophobic. That we do not actively teach our kids or assert to our peers the concept of tolerance.

    We shouldn’t stop at just attributing the incident and the perpetrators to their lack of education. Proactively promote tolerance, that no matter if the other person is Jew or Christian, we all bleed red. That it is unacceptable for followers of the religion of peace, or anyone for that matter, to commit something appalling as this. That the crimes committed by a certain percentage of a certain group does not justify racial assault of a person belonging to that group.

    Ask any Bruneian student studying overseas who are subjected to racism just because they are Muslims or Malay what it feels like to be discriminated against. Ask any Muslim who are treated unfairly just because extremists on the other side of the world created a bad name for Muslims worldwide.


    1. UN6, people didn’t just pass by and did nothing, people were barricaded in McDonald’s with the orang putihs in question and were unable to do anything but watch. Perhaps I didn’t make it clear to you but the fight was very violent and there was even metal rods being used as weapons. Obviously people were concerned of safety and these were clearly not the kind of people you wish to deal or mess with.

      It’s unfair to judge those present at that moment to be idling, inactive and uncompassionate to the blatant racism. I was there and I was angry and I understood completely that what the hooligans said was wrong, and I can see that everyone else there had the exact same reaction as mine, but the fact that we didn’t physically do anything doesn’t mean we’re not condemning what they did.

      I think whether they are religious Muslims or not—> I think it is in fact relevant, because I find offense in these boys using the name of Islam, as an excuse to create a ruckus with the foreign boys. They have no right to pass on judgement to other people when they themselves do not possess even the most minute faculty to even understand the meaning of Islam. I find fault in them ignoring every other facet of Islamic beliefs yet so light-tongued to embrace it for excuse to start a fight.

      I did not stick around at the police post to know how the whole thing ended.

      I don’t think also that the fact that it wasn’t covered in the news shows that we are “tolerant” of racism. Simply because it was 12am in the morning, and I doubt anyone among the crowd quickly called Borneo Bulletin as soon as a fight starts. 991 yes, but not BB. I think it was also a matter of logistics. By the time the news get hold of the story, the crowd have dissipated and the story’s gone. No pictures were taken, no evidence was made and the police do not give media statements.


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