When I was a child, we used to visit our grandmother in Danau a lot. One of the most vivid memories I have of her is that she loves tea, Lipton black tea to be exact. She made tea in the same teapot for at least 20 years before she finally rested in peace, and not one day had gone by without her having her cuppa.

I don’t really make tea that much nowadays, and when I do, it’s jasmine green tea. But the past few days, I’ve taken a liking to the yellow Lipton teabags at work and filling my mug with hot water and sugar. The steam wafts through the air in our kitchen, and each time I am reminded of my memories with my grandmother.

AlFatihah for Nini Mo.

Food and memories. Some other foods conjure up images of people I know:

A well done steak reminds me of my TESL friend, F.
Mint chocolate chip ice cream reminds me of Sister 1.
Lasagna reminds me of Sister 2.
Omellete with baked beans reminds me of my Dad (and Sister 4, because I distinctly remember him happilly making this during dinner for the rest of us girls when my mum was in the hospital having Sister 4).

Or sometime food reminds me of events, if my mum is cooking or in the kitchen at 11pm onwards, it feels like Hari Raya. Hehe.

What a random monday. All starts with tea. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Brainfood

    1. sigh! awu!!! LOL and cooking!!! we dont do that anymore since u left. sigh! sama aku malas cuci piring. it used to be “i cook, fizah do dishes”


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