Art Exhibition: What if I want to water ski? And other questions

A Digital Media Installation by Victoria Cattoni

In What if I want to water-ski? And Other Questions, artist Victoria Cattoni asks us to unveil our perceptions and perhaps, misconceptions, of the Muslim headscarf for women, otherwise known generically as hijab, or locally as tudong.

The exhibition firstly documents the headscarf as it is worn by Muslim women today in each of the places where it has taken place – Singapore, Penang, Cairns and Mareeba.  These photographic portraits, as well as documenting a cross-section of types of tudung, are intended to challenge mainstream representations of women in headscarf. The photographs offer instead, very personal depictions of the Muslim woman in headscarf.

The video work in the exhibition reveals perceptual and personal journeys of the individuals involved, who, in the main, do not wear hijab and are not Muslim. We witness these individuals trying on headscarf for the first time, reacting in very different ways. We view and listen to these women as they respond to seeing themselves in headscarf. We watch as they explore their thoughts and feelings on it, as they consider the headscarf as a garment, symbol and inadvertently, a cultural text.

The installation encompasses video and digital photographs, as well as books that are documents of past direct audience interaction.

I thought this might be of interest to you guys out there who love the finer things in life. I believe Victoria Cattoni once also did a very interesting performance installation entitled, Kebaya-South, South East. If you are interested in this, read below for more information:

Venue: Sheraton Hotel 22 June 1pm-8pm and 23 June 11am-8pm or
Dar Takaful IBB Utama Building 24 June -29 June 9am -5pm.
Admission: Free

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