KISICH Style: In My Luggage

Was just going through Nonnie’s blog and I realised she has a list of things that she’s bringing to Bangkok and a picture of her suitcase even. Ai so I got jealous and took a picture of MY suitcase hahaha.

Yes I know, empty. Hahaha, I also don’t know what else to bring. Rest assured this suitcase will be full to the brim when we go home. Basically the bag is “filled” with these supposedly must have items:

  • A lot of panties (both disposable and non-disposable) and 2 bras (Like I said on my Twitter, panties are the most important thing to bring travel, everything else is secondary)
  • My precious leggings (black & grey)
  • My very much visible green camisole (well, I bring this everytime I travel, not really sure what for)
  • My lucky neon yellow “pyjamas” which I will wear every night.
  • 3 tops
  • My bright pink toiletries bag: Not really sure what’s inside, but I know I stashed a lot of hotel toiletries I kiapped from past travels, I’m sure there’s soap, and maybe shampoo, and of course toothbrush and razor.
  • First aid kit (supposedly: in pink flowery pouch): Antacids, panadol and antiseptic cream
  • Simple Travel Kit (Love these! I always bring these when I travel, good for up to 3-4 trips.)
  • A whole load of plugs and wires (in yellow bag, under the pile of clothes): camera charger & cable, phone charger, universal adapter, baby laptop charger (Mac is staying home), external hard drive.
  • Clorox wipes (COOL!!! Bought these in Hua Ho just now on impulse)

That’s pretty much it. Might stuff in more stuff tomorrow. In my handbag, is the regular things I lug around everyday in Brunei:

  • Wallet: containing IC, money, ATM cards.
  • Camera, empty memory stick.
  • Makeup bag: my very trusty MAC StudioFix, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blusher, lip gloss
  • Travel pouch: Tickets, passport, namecards, luggage keys, hand sanitizer.
  • Mobile phone
  • Baby laptop
  • Pink planner (Must bring!)

That’s pretty much it! Hehe.

While I’m travelling, Twitter will be up and running as usual but blog will be very much sleeping. 🙂 You all take care now. Be safe.

Ok, must sleep! Night, night everyone.

P/S: BTW, in case you all haven’t figured it out by now, I’m travelling with Nonnie! 😀

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