I am busy yet I’m not even working yet!

Or is it that I don’t know how to manage my time? I have a few posts lined up for you people:

  • Continuation of my Malaysia Tour post!
  • BRIDEX 09 (So last week but I thought the event was rather blogworthy) – Blog post here!
  • My makeup session with Naqiyah Ishaaq. 😀 – Blog post here!
  • Somehow I need to get BERSATU’s logo on my sidebar. Because apparently was nominated as Ketua Bureau of Teknologi Maklumat? Or something. I’m really quite excited. Would like to work on a new site, or might just keep the old one but to revamp it with some new skins and add some more widgets to enhance it. Grr, I don’t like Blogger.
  • And my alter ego foodie porn blog needs to be updated with many many photos of Malaysian origins!

Will get around to updating this week! I’ve been abandoning you! Hehe.

Oh, I also owe sungkai dates for many people. I already have pretty much the whole of this week sungkais planned for reviews, so please look out for them over the next few days for sungkainspiration. 😀

Which reminds me, I haven’t even gone on a proper anniversary sungkai with Boyfriend. Aiyayaiiii! Where are my priorities!

Ok gotta run. Many errands to run today and my dad has asked me to clear my junk from the make-shift storeroom cum guest surau downstairs. I will do that tonight, I must!

I NEED MAXIMISE MY TIME!!! I need to gain back my awesome multitasking capabilities!

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