Ramadhan Sungkai Series: Goldiana Cafe, Orchid Garden Hotel

Every year, the Goldiana Cafe of Orchid Garden Hotel is famous for holding one of the most epic sungkai buffets in the sultanate. Last night was no exception. If you would really like to conquer all the food stalls, you need to have a plan. Haha! Mine was to assemble small bites on my plate of food, according to its originating cuisine.

From left to right: Potato Croquette, Vegetable Canneloni and Roast Beef with Gravy.

1. First course: Western Plate. Yummers. Potato went really well with the beef! 😀

From left: Shrimp & Dragonfruit Salad, Warm Melon Salad, Rojak, Potato Salad, Corn Salad, Sambal Squid

2. Second Course Which Was Supposed To Be First Course: Well yea, you can see where my priorities lie. Beef first, vegetables later. Plate was rather mediocre, but rojak was awesome.

Magic pot

3. Third course was my FAVORITE! It was sooooo good and simple and it’s called the Taiping Style Claypot Rice. The lady who was serving this stall was very sweet. She went “HI HI~”. So dear! Hehehe.

In it was a decent sized piece of chicken which went FLOOF underneath my fork because it was sooooooo tender, and giant mushrooms! I believe they were all braised in the dark coloured sauce on very very low heat for a very very long time to get to that texture and taste. So good! This I believe was the star of the night. Delicious!

4. Old English Style Pumpkin Soup and Bread Roll. Well, I don’t have a decent photo of this. 😦 But it was nice. A little bit thin, but flavoursome. Then again, u can’t really mess up pumpkin soup!

5. Fifth Course: Fish and Wedges served with Tartare Sauce. The stall actually called it Traditional Cooked Fish. Nyeh. Anyway, this was nice too. Simple and filling.

Extra crispy apam balik.

6. Sixth Course: Apam Balik. This was sooooo good! Not too sweet, had the usual peanuts and milk in the filling and also sweet corn! Soooo good! Make sure u ask for extra crispy because that is the only way to eat it.


7. Seventh and Final Course. Simple fare of bananas dipped in dark chocolate. Which I washed down with a hot cup of teh tarek. 🙂 Alhamdullillah.

Remember to Love Food and Hate Waste!

Sungkai Buffet

$21.80 per person.

$13.80 for children ages 5-12

For reservations:

Call 2335544 ext. 8023

More information click here.

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