Makeup Fun with Naqiyah Ishaaq

Naqiyah is a budding makeup artist friend of mine who also jointly owns one of Brunei’s leading hip fashion store, Rock Paper Scissors with her boyfriend, known only to the blogging world as, B. Recently she has been in and out of makeup school and and logging all her makeup endeavors in easy reading blog, Gosip dan Gincu.

Before I went on my Malaysia Tour, she posted an ad on her blog asking if anyone wants to be her guinea pig so she may practice makeup tricks. Since I’ve always been intrigued by her makeup style, I jumped at the opportunity to learn some new tricks. So a date was set, and rescheduled, and a few weeks later I came to her cosy little shop at The Mall, natural beauty, sans makeup.

I’m not gonna post up a before picture because I look awful without makeup, but if you’re curious, head on over here. But I am gonna post up a picture of what my makeup usually look like.

My style is dark thickly lined eyes and heavy mascara, with my cheeks usually accented with some pink blush and a brush of bronze for a healthy glow. I prefer bare lips too, as I’ve got dramatic eyes and would like to keep my face less made up.

But we had much fun during the makeover as she played around with colours, creating this Malibu Barbie themed look that emphasised my tan from Langkawi! (Yes, the nonexistent tan that I keep telling everyone about because no one noticed) She said it was inspired by my pink maxidress.

I kept on telling Nikki that I’ve never had so many colours put on my eyes before, but actually, I later realised I have. Haha. What I meant was I’ve never had so many light colours put on my eyes before.

But the result was very nice especially around the eye area! She did a wonderful job blending the pinks and the greens together. Next time she said would like to try something darker and more me, but looking back, I kinda like this whole experimentation thing. Never know where we’ll end up. 🙂

Thanks Nikki!

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