Malaysia Tour (con’t) – Day 6

Day 6

35. Masjid India during ISA Protests. KL is generally a very tourist friendly place. You feel safe there even when walking in the middle of the night after clubbing. However, on Day 6, when we were in KL, it didn’t feel quite safe when out of nowhere many policemen and various uniformed personnel were roaming the streets, armed and looking very menacing. Turns out, there was some sort of protest going on in the city against the Internal Security Act.

And the best thing was that, it was happening right under our hotel!!! Had an awesome time as “wartawan bebas”. Hahaha. Things like these never happen in Brunei after all. The pictures here are taken by my friend, I only have blurred camera phone pictures.

Protesters refusing to budge when given the first warning to bersurai.

They even had a special t-shirt made for the event calling to end the ISA.

TEAR GAS!!! This is the time you should run or your eyes will sting like a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!! The only solution is to rub your eyes with salt. Then RUN!!!

Or this will come after you with a vengeance! A fire engine randomly spraying high velocity water to the crowds. It is unfortunate that these shops did not cover their goods, I bet millions of dollars were lost that day.

Obviously after the morning of tear gas, arrests, and all the water blasting, it would be impossible to go anywhere in the city. After searching around we found two taxis who were willing to send us to high up theme park, Genting Highlands!

36. Genting Highlands!

Had such fun there! And no it wasn’t that cold, until it started to rain!!! Freezing!!! LOL Had to buy a shawl after that.

37. Low Yat Plaza: Many many floors of gadgets! Kind of like the equivalent of Bangkok’s Pantip Mall.

38. Cap Square: Modesto’s 😉 to be exact.

TO BE CONTINUED (Yet again!)

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