Ramadhan Sungkai Series: Au Lait

Au Lait Cafe is one of those cute new places in Kiulap that I quite like because it employs young locals as the waitstaff. Maybe it’s just me but I find it quite amusing when I can order pasta puttanesca in pure Bruneian. Hehe.

For every Friday and Saturdays, Au Lait has a BBQ Sungkai Buffet that is absolutely scrumptious! The selection is small but it has reasonable quality. Quite impressive.

First course: Tuna pasta salad and assortment of vitamin and fibre enriched goodies. Huhuhu. Wasn’t too memorable but was not bad.

Second course: The meats all drowned in delicious brown liquid also known as mushroom sauce! Slurps! See I eat vegetables and olives too…..





OK FINE! That’s not my plate, I’m not that healthy. Truth is, I was already halfway done on my plate when I suddenly remembered that I forgot to take a photo of my plate! Meats smelled so nice bah!

Here it is anyway, almost halfway done. Hehehe. Slurps!!! I love a good barbecue. Smoky well marinated meats.

Third/Final course: I went for a second round! *guilty* This time they ran out of the baby potatoes so it was replaced with fries (wooohoooooo!!!) and also they ran out of lamb so had roast beef instead! Still it was very very good, and it was served medium and still blushing in the middle. Poured mushroom sauce all over this one as well.

Overall it was a nice barbecue sungkai. I would totally recommend it to everyone!

Got chicken.

Got lamb.

Got beef.

But THE BEST OF ALL: For the first time ever at a sungkai buffet, got TAPAK KUDA!!!

Remember only Fridays and Saturdays!

Au Lait Cafe

BBQ Grill Sungkai Buffet @ $16 per adult and $12 per child

Call 223 1901

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