Canon Powershot E1

I have a pastel blue camera. Yeap. True story.

When on the way up to Pines Restaurant about 30 minutes before sungkai, I realised Baby couldn’t be switched on. Well it has actually happened many times before but after a few knocks it usually could take many many excellent pictures like the ones you’ve seen in the past few reviews.

This time the old fashioned knocking didn’t work.

Feeling worried about coming up to a food tasting without a camera, I purchased this blue baby in some shop nearby the restaurant. Tadaaaaahhh~ I’m still iguring out some of the gears and bolts, but so far, I think it’s a swell camera.

Wow, totally random choice of colour too!

Hope you like pictures from the new baby. 🙂

/edit I’ve just realised the camera is not just blue, it’s turquoise!!! Get it? Like “Turquoise & Roses”? Wow! Totally unintended! 😀

All photos from this moment on will be taken using Baby Turquoise.

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