Do I want to save the changes I made?

When I was on the SSEAYP programme (yes this is another of my SSEAYP stories – they never end do they? Seriously it’s been a year!!! I need to get it over an done with!). Anyway, as I was saying, when I was on the SSEAYP programme I met this lovely girl about my age named Anna. She’s a beautiful tanned Filipino with one of the prettiest smiles I’ve ever seen and is a great riot! Never really got that close with her as we did not share any discussion or solidarity group together. I suppose the only time we became close was during the Princess Nippon Maru competition (she won – sang “I Can Hear The Bells” from Hairspray) and during seasick day when the Filipinos and the Bruneians flock together on the Second Floor. Even so, we never really spoke that much. Just general laughing and having fun together.

Even so, she left me quite an impression. One day, after the programme, I bumped into her blog, or online journal really, and found out that we have a lot in common. As I enjoy her frivolous tales of travel, and island hopping, and her accounts and stories of her life sprinkled with colourful Tagalog here and there, I could really relate to her. She’s a graduate as well, trying to find out what she wants to do with life, kinda like me. Living in the shadow of our awesome fathers and family members. Trying to make a change in the world we live in. Strong minded, and known to party hard! That’s us!

Just a few days ago, she posted this photo on her Facebook, and as it came up in my Home page, it was entitled “Do you want to save the changes you made to Philippines, Anna?”.

It really made me think! It should make you think too!

  • I wish that more Bruneians would take the time to explore the Kampong Ayer, the beautiful pristine forests of Temburong, and our awesome beaches because we are as beautiful and as awesome as what we travel thousands of miles away for.
  • I wish we can stop destroying our environment and national treasures from stupid littering and open burning and start looking to more sustainable methods of disposing waste.
  • I wish the Government gives a chance for our youths to blossom as artists: in whatever form. We have so much talent out there. Same sentiments goes out for sports. Give our youths to develop and give enough support so they can become awesome athletes.
  • I wish more of our youths are self-confident, assertive, strong, and not so easilly swayed by peer pressure and the media so they can develop into unique individuals who will bring about positive change in the future.
  • I am thankful that I had awesome teachers while growing up, and I hope that the ones teaching in school today know that you are the people that inspire your students and that what they are, are a reflection of you. I am thankful to the government because a lot of Bruneian teachers consist of the country’s most talented scholars and one of the most well paid people in the country, and I am thankful that a lot of them are genuinely dedicated to and fulfilled by their jobs.
  • I wish more people are thankful for our free medicine and healthcare services instead of always complaining about it.
  • I wish some Bruneians would just shut the hell up, and start doing what you say you can, instead of coming up with many many excuses to explain why you can’t.

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