When you’re gone

On my Twitter, I always complain about my neighbours. The ones on the left generally are a very party party bunch of people who love to have fun, karaoke, and make a lot of noise. Most of the times they’re okay, and they sing very nice songs, especially taking into account that some of them are actually “special”.

On my right, is the total opposite. Sometimes I see my neighbour sitting on his balcony, with his cane, in the afternoons. He’s a wonderful man, who was at one point totally paralysed from the stomach down. But he was strong and with prayer and effort, he managed to walk again, albeit very slowly. His wife died a very long time ago, when his youngest son was still a baby and he never remarried. But he’s a wonderful man, and I always see him with a twinkle in his eyes. I guess he didn’t do too bad raising his children. But everytime I see him sitting alone on his balcony I see that he misses her.

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