Homemade Soy Milk

Here is something I think everyone should try doing at least once in their lives: particularly if you’re big fans of soy milk! Make your own! 😀 It’s fun but maybe a little messy so I recommend this for 12 years and above if you plan on making this a family project.

Soy beans are available everywhere, but I bought mine in Utama Grand at 400gms for about BN$2. Since I like my soy milk a little thick, 400gms yielded about 2 litres, but it can easily go up to 4 litres without affecting the taste. Imagine how much profit the local soy milk companies are making if 400gms of soybeans can make 4 litres of soy milk!!!

Here’s how I made my soy milk:

1. Soak the beans in fresh water overnight or for a minimum of about 9 hours. They’ll expand to about twice their initial size. Hehe. I find that amusing!

2. Microwave the beans for 2 minutes. This will kill enzymes, apparently. I read somewhere (cant remember where!) it will improve the taste if the enzymes are denatured before you blitz the beans into pulp.

3. Blitz in water! The rule is the water should be twice the amount of soybeans. Blitz for about a minute or so until everything is pulverized.

4. Strain. Here is where you’d need a little effort. Squeeze every last drop! Oh you can’t use a regular strainer. You’d need a coffee strainer or some muslin cloth.

Below is the pulp, after being strained and squeezed. Apparently this is called okara and is very nutritious! It smells rather beany. So I imagine you can season it and fry it like you’d make falafels. Yum. Also you can toast it and add into your cookies for that extra nutritious bite.

5. Bring the soymilk to boil over a slow fire. It burns easily so watch it closely. Add sugar if you’d like it to last longer as sugar can act as a preservative. Totally optional of course.

6. Store. Drink either hot or cold! 😀


  • I’d really like to use organic soy beans but I can’t seem to find any.
  • Smells really awful before boiling.
  • Remove the shell of the beans (kupas kulitnya ah) to remove that waxy aftertaste u get when drinking soy milk.
  • Also tastes great with either gula melaka or gula anau.
  • Next time I’d also like to add some pandan when I boil, just to see if it improves the taste.
  • Hygiene issues: During straining, make sure you have CLEAN CLEAN hands!!! Don’t touch anything else when straining!!! This is why I recommend only for 12 years and above.

5 thoughts on “Homemade Soy Milk

  1. Haha…i thot bila blending the soyabeans atu, siaptah udah. dats it. Rupanya dat when its really begins..hahaha… anyway!! thumbs up! once a while, bleh cuba! hee hee.


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