My LAST post was in December 7th???

I have to be the worst blogger ever!!! Okay tomorrow I promise I’ll give you a barrage of posts:

  • My Japan trip in November
  • Relatively unknown fruits in Brunei
  • Fuji Maru in Muara Port

On Monday, will head out to Kota Kinabalu (KK) for a long overdue visit. My last visit there was in January December 2008, with my bestfriends, and I think 12 months is too long, no?

I promise to update!

In other news, I am looking forward to January. 😀 My friend Yassin is getting married and since we’re expecting some visits from some international guests I made myself in charge of their accommodation and I’m afraid I’ve gone all Godzilla anal and created a form or something. Yassin’s wedding now looks like an international conference. Check it out. Haha.

Oh and and I am also looking forward to April and May! Well, it’s still pretty far away yeah and considering how uncertain the state of my April and May is, I might not get to do it. But if I get to do/complete it, it would mark my first big accomplishment ever since my Bachelor’s Degree. 😀 Will reveal in time.

I have to start working soon! My year off is over. 😀 I had so much fun. Now I have to be serious. *grin*

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