Japan-ASEAN Student Conference: Day 6


The next day was actually quite uneventful. Went to the venue for the conference by bus again and saw a construction site.

Probably the cleanest construction site I have ever seen in my life. Hehe.

Many Bruneians as Task Force Leaders. Haha. Anyway, because we already finished a majority of our work the day before, today was very jovial and relaxed as compared to the days before.

Joked around.

Took photos.

Makannnn from our bento~

Played games! This is a very interesting game called Hito20 (pronounced he to twenty). Basically it’s kind of a race, and each team must lean on each other to make the kanji symbol hito:

Then teams are to race for 20 metres while maintaining the hito symbol together. 😀 Very fun! We should organise this here in Brunei one day.

And finally the group photo. 😀 We are Group Environment with sub-theme Improvement of Living Environment.

In the afternoon, we adopted our joint-statement and by the time we finished it was dark and was time for dinner!

Chicken it is. 😀

Got ready to go out. 😀 This is our last night in Sendai!

Hahahah was very amused by this ramen machine. Chopsticks bring the ramen up and down like magic. Heheh.

Saw a Japanese McD’s! 😀

Had fun here at the Daiso! 😀 The famous 100 Yen Shop.

Had the most awesome Takoyaki balls in my life!!! Served with egg, okonomiyaki sauce, some spring onions, fish flakes and chilli powder. So yummy!!! Best tako balls I’ve ever tasted ever.

7 thoughts on “Japan-ASEAN Student Conference: Day 6

  1. Really impressed with your travel posts. Enjoyed reading them. I wish there are more Bruneian youths like you, traveling and bridging the global gap. Thank you for sharing them!!! : >


  2. Hi! Maurina, how are you?
    I’m kotomi from Japan, I introduces hito20 in our intermission of discussion day.
    I’m so glad to see your blog, thank you for putting hito20 on it!


    1. Hi Kotomi! No worries. It’s a very interesting sport! 😀 Thank u for introducing it to us! Stay tuned cause we might be having a HITO20 race here in Brunei soon.


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