Bruneian Fruit: Buah Sibut

In Brunei, July onwards is a very much awaited part of the year as it is the awesome fruit season! You get so many fruits coming in from front, back left and right! Tarap, tibadak, rambutan, langsat, manggis!

Especially durians everywhere!

And of many many different kinds!

Turquoise and Roses crew will be all over the forests of Lamunin and Bukit Udal on a lookout for these seasonal fruits. Heheh. Crew meaning, my dad, my mum, my sisters and sometimes.. me! Hehe. We usually pick the fruits and share it among our close friends and family but this year there was so much and we obviously couldn’t finish all of it so my dad sold the fruits for dirt cheap prices. Not bad right! We sold cheap because he said they’re organic, and not like we go there to fertilise and water the trees. Hehe, they’re pretty self sufficient anyway.

I’m very lazy this year though and I only went like once the whole year. SO not only am I a lazy blogger I take durians for granted. Someone whack me on the head now!!!

So anyway, I posted some of these pictures on Facebook and one of the fruits we picked from Lamunin was unknown to any of my friends. It’s from a tree that bear fruit towards the end of the fruit season, when the durian seeds on the forest floor have started to sprout greenlings.

This is the buah sibut. Apparently people on the Bandar side of Brunei call it buah sabal. It has a big seed and you cut it like avocados in wedges before eating it. It’s very crunchy and fibrous, and your mouth feels be-uras after eating it. But it taste nutty, like a cross between cashewnuts and walnuts.

It’s also apparently extremely difficult to grow, they’re pretty high maintenance as compared to the rest of the fruit trees. Must be in a specific location, specific time of the year and needs supervision, as opposed to the “just throw it on the ground and it’ll grow” philosophy.

Hehe. Anyway, yes so that’s the buah sibut!

5 thoughts on “Bruneian Fruit: Buah Sibut

  1. My niece gave me some of this buah sibut yesterday. I have tasted this buah before and its like you are chewing buang pinang, but last night I have this idea of boiling it with a lit bit of salt and the taste turned out like buat kembayau. Lemak and tasty and my husband liked it. TRY BOILING IT. I wounder apa khasiatnya aahh?


  2. You know, now is the season for buah sibut or sabal. My favorite fruit. My sister’s husband is from bukit udal, she know that I like that buah sabal. Everytime when buah sabal’s season, she will buy it for me. Last week, when she went to her husband’s kampong, she bought me 3 packets which is cost $2 for each packet. I like eating it raw bcoz it tastes crunchy and lemak. Last night, I try to boil it with a bit of salt. It’s soft and taste nutty. But my husband prefer eating raw. I also sometime eat it raw with a bit of salt and chili padi like what we called berulam.

    Dear Miss Maurina, Thanks for posting the info about buah sibut or buah sabal. Because it will hopefully be the knowledge and memory of the future generation. After all, the younger children now rarely that know and see the local fruits like buah sabal or buah sibut that grows in the wild in our own country. I think, if you have to show a picture and sibut fruit shape is the best for the future knowledge. Thank you.


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