Serendipity: The House from “Nights in Rodanthe”

Those on Astro would recognise the movie Nights in Rodanthe which had been persistently playing on HBO in the past week. Basically it tells the story of two people, Diane Lane and Richard Gere, who met in this amazing beachhouse over at a place called Rodanthe in North Carolina. Story line is typical of Nicholas Sparks I suppose as the movie is based on one of his books.

Anyway, since I practically grew up on a beach house myself, I always find any kind of dwelling next to a beach rather fascinating! If I had my way, that’s where I’d live, next to a beach. I love beaches!

The one featured in Nights in Rodanthe was really breathtaking, what with the blue shutters and round windows. Its true owners called it the Serendipity and I just love it!

Photo uploaded by Pliz8

Anyway, was Googling photos of the house just now and apparently, the house has been moved somewhere safer! Well well, the joys of technology! Imagine moving a house, literally!

Reminds me of the movie, Up, ! Heheheh. Although the house featured in the movie didn’t feature a beach house, it featured a flying/travelling one… which comes a very close second.

Another house featured on TV that I’m absolutely in love with is the one that Michael Smith uses as his set on Chef at Home. It’s adorable! It’s less precarious as compared to Serendipity because it’s on a cliff next to a beach cove. I love the windows: they’re huge!

Known as The Farmhouse at The Cove. All this while I thought this was Michael Smith’s real house. Apparently it’s just a filming set! Aih. Gullible.

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