KNK Adventure: Earth Hour Brunei 2010 at the Kampong Ayer Culture & Heritage Centre

So as you know, it was raining cats and dogs on the night when we had Earth Hour! Haha, so the crowd wasn’t as superabundant as everyone hoped. Just bunches here and there under umbrellas trying to take photos. That made things quite unexciting for busy bodies like me hoho.

The Beach Bunch Brunei have their own tent and camping chairs. Why didn’t we think of that??? They had a little glow party during the dark.

Speaking of the dark. It wasn’t very dark!!! So disappointing! Yayasan SHHB Complex was as bright as the sun, and so was the Kianggeh Food Court. And when 8.30pm came, no one at Portview even realised the Kampong Ayer Culture & Heritage Centre (henceforth KACHC) was dark cause the whole line of Kampong Saba was so brightly lit, you’d think it’s Hari Raya.

In search of excitement, you know what we did?

WE WENT TO THE OTHER SIDE. By doing that, our supposed show of support for the Earth hour movements subsequently became a KNK adventure of some sort!

Hahahaha!!! IN THE RAIN!!! Bye Portview!!!

Obviously we cannot go off to the KACHC otherwise we’d get shooed away la. So what we did was, we went to a restaurant to the right of the Centre.

So if you think there are no restaurants in Kampong Saba, you’re wrong! This one is so metropolitan that they don’t just serve Bruneian food. A major chunk of the menu is actually Indonesian, saw they have ayam penyet here. Any of the Brunei foodies interested in doing a food review here?

Here is a photo of the KACHC I took from the restaurant. A blob of darkness in the midst of a brightly lit Kampong Ayer. Haha.

A better photo with a better camera (not mine). You can see Yayasan SHHB Complex vividly in the background.

Anyway, from the restaurant, we heard music so curious, we went there, via a precarious walkway!

Notice that the walkway have no handles so if I slip, which is a likely thing to happen since I am so clumsy and I was only wearing my usual flipflops, I  will have to succumb to gravity and splash into the murky river!!! Hahahaha!

It was further than I thought it was! 7 minutes of carefully walking, avoiding bombs (code name for TAYI KUCING), we finally arrived!!!

Flashed my Earth Hour pass and the nice security guard let us ALL in. Yipee!

Let me tell you the walk was so worth it hahahaha.

With all the music and the camera flashes going off every few seconds you’d think we’re at some seedy nightclub in Labuan or something.

Here we (by we I mean, Dato Hamdillah haha) were all saying hi to Mr Andy Ridley, the executive director of Earth Hour, down under!

Singing and what not! By the way you can see in the background Pusat Kesenian brightly lit as well!!! Sucks, BUT behind Pusat Kesenian can you see Ministry of Foreign Affairs building? No right? CAUSE THEY SWITCHED OFF!!! 😀


Here’s a question:

What does BERSATU (and as a result Turquoise and Roses), BARA, SMARTER, Brunei Darussalam AIDS CouncilRed Crescent Brunei and Beach Bunch Brunei have in common?

We all participated in Earth Hour Brunei 2010!

I believe this is the first independent undertaking that involves many NGOs all at once. 😀 I hope it will open up the door for more community work featuring a collaboration between these organizations, perhaps even more.

P/S: All photos are taken by BERSATU friend, Baim unless otherwise stated. 🙂 Oh and I might post up a video. Will see.

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