Pink! Event a Success

Now the hard work really begins! Hehe, the making of the recipe book. Stay tuned for the recipe book. From the kind of desserts I had yesterday, it’s going to be awesome, maybe even better than the last one!

Now that I don’t have to put the Pink! post on the first page, I actually have so many things to blog about:

  • I know it’s already April, but it’s another birthday party for me (and bestfriend too), but this one is special cause I received not 1, but 2 awesome awesome presents!!!!!!!
  • Food review for Da Mammamia Pizzeria: Italian Ristorante in Regent’s Square, Kiulap!
  • I must blog about my recent obsession with 4sq!
  • A fun animal post too about a rooster, cats and puppies.

😀 Will blog soon! ❤

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