Tour of the Old Kingdoms: Experiencing Ayutthaya


1. Checking out of the Ayothaya Riverside Hotel.

2. Picked up in our celebrity van! Haha. It was tinted and check this out, it’s got mirrors on the ceiling. So kinky!

3. Registered for SIGA. Click here for more information on SIGA. It’s written also by me, and too boring to paste here.

4. Walked around in the museum above where we got registered. Tells all about history of Ayutthaya but most importantly, AIRCOND!

5. City tour by bus: Went around the city while waiting to be transported to the hotel. Very interesting, saw many elephants!

Also some colourful tuk tuks. BEWARE! They charge tourist rates.

And I love this burger shack! If I ever have a burger shack, then I’m gonna make a big ass burger just like this one and put it on my roof too!!!

6. You better believe it. Chicken and tongkeng! Yes it was halal. In fact, don’t be surprised at how easy it is to find halal food as there is a lot of muslims in Ayutthaya.

7. Behind the tongkeng stall, just a few minutes walk, was the cemetery of the man who brought Islam to Thailand (or something): Sheikh Ahmad. Al Fatihah.

8. Checked into our fancy hotel, Krungsri River Hotel.

9. Welcoming dinner! Met so many of my ASEAN friends. ❤

Guess where we’re all from! Haha. I don’t think you can. We all look more alike than you think.

10. Nightly trek to a nearby 7-11. Haha.


1. Breakfast

2. Before passing out from the fever. I was burning hot but feeling sooooooo cold!!! So my friends prescribed me sleep. With a cold towel! Waste of make up… *___*

This was the last photo before I fainted in my room. Missed the rest of the morning.

3. I woke up midday and felt substantially better. So joined the bus tour. This was at the lobby.

4. Kudi Cho Fa Mosque: Biggest mosque in Ayutthaya.

View from outside.


The women’s side.

It a very humble mosque and staff there were very friendly. I was quite surprised of the big muslim community here in Ayutthaya, but after reading about their history of trade with the Arab world, it’s actually hardly surprising. It was one of the more metropolitan cities in South East Asia back then.

5. Portuguese Settlement: Many skeletons here, very scary one!

Obligatory group photo

Eiiiiyyyy….. you don’t wanna be here at night.

I imagine ghosts roaming around. Hehe. Notice that in some of the graves, there are bodies with two heads, or bodies with abnormally long legs. Hehe.

6. St Joseph’s Catholic Church: Took a photo outside. Church was closed.

Didn’t get a lot of info about this place. It’s been here for 300 years. Hehe.

7. Wat Chai Watthana Ram: Big ass temple built many many years ago by King Prasat Thong.

Love this photo!

Opposite this temple is the King’s palace.

Critters living here. 🙂

This temple is a beautiful place I think. I’m not much of an architectural freak, but I appreciate the symmetry of the place. When viewed from the river that night from the Princess Cruise we were on, I realised that it was perfectly symmetrical with 4 towers on the left and 4 on the right. Those towers are placed in positions where from the river it looks as it they’re of different sizes, with the biggest on the side and smallest most near to the big prang.  I don’t have a photo of it cause my camera can’t take nice photos of buildings at night but it truly is a work of art. LAWA!

8. Dinner on the Princess Cruise 😀 So much fun!!!

Just finished dinner. SO GOOD!

We did country performances! Hahaha!

This is Thailand of course there’s a drag show! Haha.


1. Lobby of our hotel was noisy with music. Turns out there was a wedding and these old ladies were dancing and it was so awesome!

2. On the bus: bought a raffle ticket. Money will go towards the development of Joa Fa Sang. 🙂

3. Me and my car(s) outside of Bang Pa In Summer Palace!!! 😀

4. Bang-Pa-In Royal Palace (Beautiful place but so hot!)

This is the Aisawan Thiphya-Art (Divine Seat of Personal Freedom)… Seriously!

In one of the buildings, called Warophat Phiman (Excellent and Shining Heavenly Abode), one isn’t allowed to go in with pants out of respect so sarongs are available for rent. Hehe! This is where the royal family would actually stay if they come over to the summer palace.

Do u see a face? Hehe. I actually wanted to take a photo of that trinket in the middle of the photo but when I uploaded the photos to Picasa, I realised the tree has a face. Thus began my obsession with trees. Haha!

She is actually carrying someone’s head. Who’s this woman scorned?

Touristy photo with Ho Withun Thasana (Sages’ Lookout) in the background.

This was taken from the Sages’ Lookout. It’s a photo of the red place below.

Wehart Chamrunt (Heavenly Light): Very red and Chinesey!

Cute little rabbits!

Obligatory self portrait with the new hat. 😀

5. Wellness & Organic Resort. This was so interesting! Apparently, everything we ate was organic.

Lemongrass Tea. Very good!

I love the chicken curry here. I still dream about the curry gravy until now.

What’s a wellness resort without a living pond?

6. Bangsai Arts and Crafts Centre

Fishes look so big it looks as it they’re gonna eat the ducks!

Damn big rims!

Shopping tourists hehe.

Most delicious Ovaltine I’ve ever had!

Happy! Weee~

7. Dinner at a Wat I’m not sure of the name.


8. Kantari Hotel for a crazy noodle party!

Me is the angel!

Devil, obviously!

Mango kings 😀

Noodles, for old time’s sake.

Craziness I miss!!

9. Our ride home haha!!!

Haha! I am serious!

Haha! In a pickup truck. The kind they use to send construction workers in. LOL.

Gosh I miss SSEAYP and also SIGA!!! <3<3<3

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