Foodie Focus: Grazie Mauri

Figured I should really blog before it turns July. Hehe. I just realised I haven’t written about the awesome time I had in the new Grazi Mauri.

But before that, I hereby digress. Boyfriend and I are simply opposites. Italian is simply my favorite cuisine but he says it’s “inda nyaman”. I didn’t bring him for this review because I wanted someone who knows a little something about Italian food, so I brought one of my awesome friends Liyana instead. Usually, I bring someone who’s not so enthusiastic with food as I am, just to give myself an alternative viewpoint that’s objective.

Many people say that we food bloggers/food reviewers get extra special food that are extra delicious. I really beg to differ. Food we received on our table is pretty much the same as the food you get on your table. The only thing perhaps that is different with us food bloggers, is the service. They may be extra attentive, but I never really commented about the service in a restaurant. I am not a restaurant reviewer, I am a food blogger. I describe the food I eat as honest as I can and if something is not nyum, I just don’t write about it. It will not make it on the blog.


As you know, one of my favorite restaurants in the whole wide world is Villa Mauri, over at Sungai Tilong. I gave it a RAVING review last Ramadhan and it is my pick for best sungkai last year. Unfortunately, despite it being my favorite restaurant, I don’t get to go there as often as I like, because Sungai Tilong is so far away from where I live and is so out of the way from most of my usual activities.

(Price is pretty inhibitive too, hehe)

Chef Maurizio in the middle, and Chef Salvatore on the left.

Enter Grazi Mauri! It is located in Gadong, at the spot formerly occupied by Sushi Tei. A little hard to find parking, but not impossible! Hehe. It is run by Chef Salvatore, or as his daughter refers to him, Chef Moto Moto, apparently the handsome one out of the three brothers. Well I don’t know about that but certainly the most charming! Haha!

The way the restaurant works is pretty much like Villa Mauri. The chef will have a special, which may be different from time to time. When we were there, the special of the night was the Beef Medallions in Chocolate Sauce topped with Sour Cream & Chives.

Unique and yums! The beef was blushing and cooked medium just the way I like it.

Also on the specials menu, and something I recommended the chef put on his regular menu, are the Magic Mushrooms! Gosh so delicious.

LOVES!!! These are the legal kind of magic mushrooms of course, but lethally addictive all the same!

Mmm, I could just have this for lunch with a salad. A very chunky Cream of Mushroom Soup, served with a slice of garlic bread.

Thanis didn’t like this dish much, but I love it. Beef Ravioli! Tastes a little like corned beef inside. Yums!

This is my favorite pasta in the world. Seafood Linguine! Really, anything seafood in tomato sauce is delicious. This version had some chilli added in to give it that kick!

Mushroom Risotto. This was soooo creamy! My friends enjoyed it a lot but I thought it was too heavy for me. Hehe. Then again by the time this was served I was well on my way to a food coma.

Taking a little break from food. The restaurant is very spacious, but still retained the homey Villa Mauri kind of deco. In fact the menu was not too different as well.

But the best best best best part of the meal was most definitely DESSERT! Almost everything on the dessert menu was ohmygod delicious!!! I still recommend the mindblastingly orgasmic Fantasia di Maria to finish everything off.

Grazi Mauri is located in Gadong in front of Pizza Hut, where Sushi Tei used to be.

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