Today in History: First 3D Movie Screening in Brunei

This blog is slowly adapting to the “Better Late Than Never” philosophy. Hehe. Sorry guys! But really, better late than never!

26th October 2010

Rano sent out a text a day before asking me if I’m free for Toy Story in 3D, to which my reply was: YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there I was in the cinema, and here is my ticket, showing that I got seats in the front row for a movie called 3-Donkeys. Best of all is the price. Hehe. How often do u get tickets printed with that price?

On a side note, I really love sweet and salty popcorn mixed together. It’s like eating beef rashers with french toast/pancakes with maple syrup. Yummy.

Here I am with pretty Farah, with our 3D glasses. The good news is, they didn’t give me a headache the very least, and I was pretty amazed at how awesome watching things in 3D is!!!! Bad news is, those glasses feels pretty heavy on my nose after a while. They’re one size fits all and you get them as you enter the cinema, and return them as u exit. 😀

Absolutely stealable, if you’re a kleptomanic.

SO from now on, slowly, all movies will be done in 3D, and one day, normal films will be a thing of the past. Kind of like the switch from black and white to colour. It’s amazing to see this.

Calvin’s dad:

C: Dad, how come old photographs are always black and white? Didn’t they
have color film back then?
D: Sure they did. In fact, those old photographs ARE in color. It’s just the
WORLD was black and white then.

C: Really?
D: Yep. The world didn’t turn color until sometime in the 1930s, and it was
pretty grainy color for a while, too.

C: That’s really weird.
D: Well, truth is stranger than fiction.

C: But then why are old PAINTINGS in color?! If the world was black and
white, wouldn’t artists have painted it that way?
D: Not necessarily. A lot of great artists were insane.

C: But… but how could they have painted in color anyway? Wouldn’t their
paints have been shades of gray back then?
D: Of course, but they turned colors like everything else in the ’30s.

C: So why didn’t old black and white photos turn color too?
D: Because they were color pictures of black and white, remember?

I imagine one day a child would say, “Dad, how come old movies are always 2D?” heheheheh.

Anyway to end this post,

My movie partners! From right: Fezz (Senor Pablo‘s Chargé d’affaires), Tiger Lim, Kurapak, Datin EmmaGoodEgg, BruneiTweet, Farah, and the sweet ladies of Ranoadidas.

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