Not another end of year post! | 2010 in a blogpost

I wanna be a millionaire so freaking bad~

Hello all, it is time for the obligatory end of year post where I gloat about what I did the past year.

Earlier this year, in a delusional fit, I typed down 16 new year resolutions. Yes I did. Did I fulfil any?

1. Get a job (I thought I wanted a career but I actually just want a paycheck muahaha!)

Before we reveal “Secret Santa”. Check out our tree and presents! Some people not in the photo cause they’re on leave. *Jealous*

I think everyone breathed a sigh of relief when I finally got a regular job hehe, not that I felt any pressure to start working. Something I find rather awesome of my parents hehe. Now I have a pretty awesome job and I might just be one of the few lucky people cause I have really nice work colleagues! I really do look forward to seeing them every day.

2. Go to Laos and Myanmar.

Well unfortunately I did not manage to go to Laos, but I did go to Myanmar (also here)! An experience I will never forget ever!!!

Here we are in Inya Lake, the famed body of water in the middle of Yangon, just a few months before Aung San Suu Kyi’s final release, after many many many long years under house arrest.

3. Lose weight.

I think it is safe to say that I did not fulfill this resolution. FAIL.

Exhibit 1: Photo taken in January 2010.

Exhibit 2: Photo taken in December 2010.

Need I say more?

4. Exercise more.

I’m still TRYING!

I did discover  a love for any form of water sports.

Here I am kayaking, which is an extremely tiring sport, I might add.

Jetskiied in Labuan till I CANNOT feel my arms and legs for days.

Spent a lot of time in the sea water!

In fact, was sunburnt so many times this year!

Went snorkelling so many times this year that my bestfriends even got me a pink snorkel set I still use till today!

Best birthday present EVER in Kuraman Island trip (Boyfriend’s Birthday Trip)

I supposedly took up “spinning” but that was short lived.

I dunno, where will I foray next in the exercise world?

5. Clean up my room & keep it neat and tidy always.

Well this did not materialise as planned. I’m almost always not at home!

6. Regularly pluck eyebrows

Freaking hell, who was I kidding. I’m so lazy I pay $3 to get it done in the shop!

7. Wake up earlier.

Well, I somewhat wake up earlier now! Cause u know, work starts at 9am. 😛

8. Not be late for dates/meetings.

Who wrote all these resolutions!!!

9. Eat healthier.

If by healthier I meant, heartier, then yes.

10. Be nicer to Boyfriend.

I am already very nice to him!!!

I even baked his birthday cake from scratch!!!

11. Drink more water/fluids a day.

What a lame new year’s resolution. I drink enough!

12. Gossip less.

This did not happen.

13. Less procrastination

Well I guess I procrastinate less now since I have REAL DEADLINES!!!

14. Go on the elliptical trainer for one full episode (45 minutes) per day.

WTF. What am I trying to do? Pop a vein? Please refer to #4.

15. Snooze alarm not more than twice.

Actually, I’ve been ok with this one. Not bad.

16. Go to Jogjakarta, Bali and Surabaya.

😦 Maybe next year? I did go to Ayutthaya though, does that count?

That was pretty awesome 🙂


Going through my albums, there are many fun things that I never blog about. Instead of recapping posts I did the past year, which you can easilly do by going through my archives, lets go through the stuff that never made it to the blog! Stay tuned for the next post. A year in pictures, the unblogged. 🙂


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