January | Camellia

Did you know the official flower for January is the Camellia? Well I didn’t!

Anyway, it has nothing to do whatsoever with the contents of this blog of course, which is about me featured in Smile, the in-flight magazine for low cost, Cebu Pacific.

Back in September last year, a sweet girl named Ruby, an intern that time in Smile, sent me an email, asking me if I’d care to answer a few questions about Brunei. It was a bunch of run-of-the-mill, standard questions you’d typically get when you’re asked about Brunei, like what to do, what to eat, where to stay, and all that.

I agreed of course, after all, I bring my ASEAN friends all over the country all the time, plus I did use to work in the Tourism Industry, and there’s me being a *famous* Brunei blogger and all. Huhuhu. I happily jotted down my *thoughtful* answers into an email and sent it off to Ruby.

After that I didn’t hear from them again so in the hustle and bustle of daily life, I have somewhat erased them from my memory and forgot all about them.

One day, while I was in Alishan, Taiwan, I received a message in my Facebook inbox from my friend, Ann from the Philippines.

Now, Alishan was really really cold when we were there and my brain works pretty slow during cold weather (assuming it works at all), so I was quite shocked. WHAT ON EARTH WAS I DOING ON AN AIRPLANE MAGAZINE?

Took me a few minutes to remember that I did the online interview with Ruby back in September. Hahaha! So yes, that was funny, and unexpected! Cause I didn’t expect Ann to recognise me, or any of my Filipino friends for that matter! I just wanted to tell the world about Brunei. Chewah.

Unfortunately darling Ann, who is a surgeon, doesn’t have all the time in the world so she hasn’t posted me the magazine hehe, but a few days ago, the Smile gang just emailed me the PDF copy of it, so I can show you guys what I wrote! Yeay.

Behold, (a page out of) the Smile magazine.

Click here to view a bigger version..


Oh while we’re on the subject, this January, I’ve also been featured in The Brunei Times. It was an online interview first published here on Projek Brunei, a website maintained and run by my Twitter friend, BruneiTweet.

The interview was meant for an online audience, so it sounded a bit frivolous, which I feel slightly embarassed of really hahaha. Also, I’m in there giving a big plug to BIBD, so I hope my boss didn’t read it. Huhuhu!

Yup, there’s my face, pretty big, with the flicky Madmen thing going on in my hair. Anyway, if you’d like to read the interview, it’s available here.


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