Just April Updates

Here are some things that I’ve been thinking about:

1. Buying a car. Yes I am succumbing to peer pressure (as usual). Apparently, my current car is well, due for a handover to my little sister soon and I need to find myself a new car. 

2. Difficulties in buying a car. I really don’t know how you guys do it! I have narrowed down a few criteria for this future car:

  • Energy efficient (points extra if it’s a hybrid car)
  • 5 Door Hatchback (I am frivolous but 3 Door is just too impractical)
  • Payment of $550-$650 a month for 7 years
  • Pretty and Maurina-appropriate

Good criteria right? Of 4 criteria, only 1 is subjective. However, the choices for hatchbacks are, as I’ve found, quite limited considering that in Brunei, people all prefer SUVs. I want a small car! Furthermore, “Maurina-appropriate” cars usually costs $700 a month: which takes me to our next point.

3. I do sound like I have a lot of money. I was looking at a website a few days ago and was online shopping, and exclaiming how expensive something was and said “What am I, made of money?!”. And my friend said, “You certainly sound like you are!”. Andddd Point #1 & Point #2 made me realise that’s true.

4. I should get a second job. This is kinda like blowing my own horn: I am awesome cause I have bucket loads of energy, which means I can take a second job. However, there is just not enough hours in a day for a second job. Here is a general run down of my week:

  • Monday: Work (9am-6pm), Jog (6-7pm), Swim (7-9pm)
  • Tuesday: Work (9am-6pm), Jog (6-7pm), Swim (7-9pm)
  • Wednesday: Work (9am-6pm), Jog (6-7pm), Swim (7-9pm)
  • Thursday: Work (9am-6pm), Date with Boipren (7-10pm)
  • Friday: Work (9am-6pm), Jog (6-7pm), Meet friends (7-9pm)
  • Saturday: Paying off sleep debt accumulated over the week/recovering/blogging/meeting friends 
  • Sunday: Paying off sleep debt accumulated over the week/recovering/blogging/meeting friends 

Now that I look back, I suppose I can fit something in on Saturday morning. Hmm. What can I do on a Saturday morning that can earn me money? I suppose I can offer the following services:

  • Making and delivering Saturday bento lunch sets/food trays. I can cook well plus we have a new oven at home. 😀 Anyone interested? Lasagnas, banoffee pie, apple crumble, pasta bake, bruschettas, savoury party trays with dips, fondues, etc. Anything really!
  • Personal Shopping. I can provide grocery shopping services. If you do not want to do your own grocery shopping cause you’re busy or would rather do something else. I can do it for you and deliver it straight to your home!
  • Oh and I can pick up your drycleaning, and send your car for washing too. 😀
  • Intensive English coaching for O’Levels: this I actually have a qualification for haha.
  • Proofreading your thesis/theses! I’ve done this too, and I charge by pages.
  • Erm, eyebrow plucking. Arguably not very lucrative but at least something.
  • I suppose I can help give you a whole make-over (Wow anyone up for this?! I’ll do it for free!) 
  • Painting Services (Learnt this in secondary school cause we paint our classrooms every year and, a friend paid me to paint her whole top floor a few years back when I was not working hehe. I’m fun to have around too!)

Ok, if anyone is interested just tell me and drop me an email ok! I can do any one on Saturdays. Please help me otherwise I have to dump my kind hearted and loving boyfriend for a rich one!

5. Omigod I have become so faaaaaat. I reaaaaally need to lose weight as in, I need to go exercise vigorously every day! As in when it’s raining and I cannot jog, I need to go to a gym! And I should really watch my food intake. Cause my colleagues keep on ordering all these delicious food from Nur Wanita and I’m like OK!!!! I’LL ORDER TOO!!! And omigod I should stop eating out cause it’s making me so faaaaaaaat!!!! There’s this one very pretty and skinny girl I work with who already has children. She brings like fish and veggies from home and eats them with like a pile containing like 6 freaking grains of rice. I should follow her but the question is who’s gonna cook in the morning? Haha.

6. I am growing my hair long. However, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I go swimming. I’m now wondering if the chlorine is ruining my hair because the ends are not very nice. Hmm.

7. Speaking of hair, I recently straightened my fringe for $25. Seriously! Why have I not thought of doing this before???

7. I need to blog about Manila. It’s a very bloggable place. Yup yup.

That’s all I’m thinking about. What do you guys think about?

9 thoughts on “Just April Updates

  1. Wah… what an update!
    I like.

    I thought of buying a car too cos my mom’s car buruk already.
    But then, in the end… we bought a second hand car in good condition (same model like yours!) and… I bought another insurance for myself!

    Which brings to me to the next irrelevant question, have you bought any insurance? (i’m not an agent ya, i just thought that everyone should get covered. Hheheheh)


    1. LOL I am covered. Savings only though. I have an awesome agent.

      U bought a car for ur mum? Waaa fillial! Make many people so ashamed hehehe. BTW the car model I am using is awesome! The only drawback for me is no airbags. Otherwise it’s so shiok. Feel sad letting it go. Bye bye free car. Hello hutang.


    1. Hullo! Well I have no actual qualifications pulang. But with good taste and various online resources, I think I can manage? 😛 U thinking of renovating your room kah?


  2. Hehehe me like your update la. Why not just get an Sx4 or maybe a Yaris? hatchback, small, costs less than $500 a month la 😀

    I need a second job too, ganya working with the government is making it almost impossible! I want to do catering for offices, especially for meetings! hehe


  3. heheh biasa, meeting, durang order makanan. All you do is create a menu. Either they want healthy food or maybe makan nasi lemak and mee goreng. hehehe senang bah itu. Macam bini boss ku, ia jua tu, side incomenya ah. Laku berabis, aku jadi iski, ganya ia tah tu, i don’t have workers to do things like ngantar2 barang and such dan memanyap. I can’t do that, pasal aku tied with the government 🙂 Tapi after meeting, word of mouth spreads very fast nyamu dan business menjadi makmur! LOL!


  4. How do you straighten a fringe? As in – chemically or just using straightening irons every morning? And if permanent, where? I want to as well! Tell me more!


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