Telbru in Music Videos

From the past few days, when I go up on Facebook, there are these locally produced and locally made videos in my News Feeds of staff from local telco, Telbru. I don’t know if you’ve seen them but they’re so siuk! There are a few videos, about a variety of subjects and am not exactly too sure what’s going on. They have an element of marketing in them I guess. But it seems that everyone in Telbru participated and came up with a video.

This is by the Corporate Finance Department.

This is from the IT Department.

This is the Media & Communications Department.

LOL! So shiok! Apparently they had some sort of an awards thing and best music video wins. I wonder how they went about doing it? Who took the videos? Where did the concept come from? Anyway, find this so siuk! Looking forward to more videos from Telbru!

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