Mayday Mayday

I wish I have all the time in the world to blog! I seriously do! Sometimes in the car driving to work or driving home, I think of certain things and I get a strong unnatural urge to blog but I can’t cause well, I’m driving!

Here’s the thing about blogging. My ideas don’t come when I am free during the weekends. They come when I am engaged in doing something but my mind is free to wander and imagine, such as driving.

So when is someone going to invent a tool that is to be planted in the left brain, Internet enabled of course and roaming can be switched off if abroad (roaming charges are scary), so when I get inspired and find that sudden urge to write, I can just upload my thoughts, and create a blogpost.

BTW see how I trail off? Anyway, I’m just blogging today to inform all and sundry that I’ve just downloaded Colloquy, an mIRC client for Mac and is now in #Brunei.

There is a trivia going on there. I literally did NOT study for my A’Levels cause according to the party in my head, winning a trivia is more interesting.

There. I’ve said it.

Good night ladies and gents! 🙂 Find me on IRC if u can!

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