Morning Routine

What’s your morning routine? 

Here is mine:

  1. Wake up from deep slumber with alarm clock
  2. Snooze a few times
  3. Finally wake up to check out some videos on Facebook
  4. When sufficiently energised, grab towel. Will grab small towel as well if I need to wash my hair.
  5. Grab laptop and select what to watch
  6. Off to bathroom with laptop
  7. Put laptop on my “holder” and switch on show/movie/documentary
  8. “Eliminate” 
  9. Shower
  10. Apply body oil
  11. Dry
  12. Bring laptop out to dressing table
  13. Tone & moisturise face
  14. Apply hair oil then wrap hair in towel
  15. Makeup
  16. Hair
  17. Pick something to wear
  18. Dress up
  19. Rush downstairs
  20. Start car then off to work

I don’t have breakfast which yes is bad for you but well, malas haha. I don’t like to rush eat anyway.

The whole process usually takes an hour, half and hour in the bathroom and half and hour outside. Apparently this is pretty low maintenance for a girl haha. 

So yes the morning routine is pretty relaxed unlike most people my age who has to run around after kids, bathe them, feed them and send them off to school, with 5 minutes to get ready.

On most days I don’t even speak until actually in office already.

So I guess that is a good thing. 

My husband however takes 20 minutes maximum. On days when he’s around, he showers after me and he is ready before me. Men. But then again I am pretty fabulous hahahaha.

Have a nice night! 

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