Honey I shrunk my clothes

I would say that I am a lover of honey. 

I take it almost everyday, whether for my oats, drinks or bread, or just simply something I eat when I crave for something sweet. 

I especially like honey drizzled on toasted bread which has been generously slathered on with butter. Mmmmyums!

I am always very surprised when people tell me how they don’t really care for honey. Why, it’s almost blasphemous to hear really.

Today I met longtime friend Aimi, who is now a seller of Yemeni Sidr Honey. She sells them in these lovely easy pour jars and I find that so clever!


Yemeni Sidr honey is named after its pollen source, the Sidr tree, which has plenty of medicinal properties. 

My friend Aimi mentioned as sunnah, you can eat one spoonful daily, with some water. 

As for me, I’m very excited to eat my fancy Yemeni Sidr tomorrow on bread. Will be bringing butter to work! 😍

Have a nice night everyone!

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