#aegeanodyssey2016 Walkabout Selçuk 

My first time with Turkish Airlines! Was expecting u know, a budget sort of service but actually, was so surprised that the 45 minute flight came with entertainment and a meal in a picnic box.   
       I napped on the plane and arrived at Izmir today at about 2pm local time and was very surprised to see a fabulous airport! It’s huge, clean and super new. So new in fact that they haven’t even secured advertisers for their billboards, which was still displaying nothing.

Upon exit, was hoping that there will be an information counter or something like that cause I wasn’t really sure how to get us to Selçuk which is where our hotel is. But nada. 

In the end kalah kalahan, we approached an taxi and duii, only €60 (TL160) meaning we only need to pay €15 each (TL40). Hahaa.

 The drive was so scenic and beautiful! Plus we were blessed with an amazing sky and weather.     

The drive actually reminded me a bit of Rome. But we love our taxi driver!

We passed by the sea and I think he could see how excited we were so he stopped to help us take photos.     

He mentioned that the island in the distance is actually Greece 😍

Beautiful view of the Aegean Sea.

We checked in to the hotel, which is actually a villa and to our shock and horror it is on the highest hill in the whole of Selçuk ahahahahahahahahahah.

The view however is something else.


Fabulous! The host is very nice and friendly and Villa Dream II is so homey and comfortable.

Hung out at the room for a while and after sufficiently freshened up, we set out for a walkabout.



Selçuk is a quiet town, more inclined towards the slower version of life. We saw cats, plenty of orange trees, and we even can pick the fruit off the tree. 
Hungry,we googled for restaurant recommendations and a pide place stood out in particular: Selçuk Pidecisi.

A family place, in Selçuk Pidecisi, this gentleman makes all bread and pides by hand.
My first authentic Turkish meal, we overordered as you can see:
1. Oven Tile Meatballs

2. Turkish Coffee  

3. Oven Tile Chicken


 4. spinach Pide  

5. This salad came with our food


 6. Lahmacun

7. More free bread which came with we assume the meat 

8. Tahini Pizza

This one was a special on the house treat❤️

So lovely

After dinner we walked more before we went back to the villa by shuttle and here I am trying to stay awake.

It’s 9.10pm.

And first time I’ve actually lied down in the last 48 hours haha.

Ahhh those little things we take for granted. 🙂

Tomorrow: a tour of Ephesus, the old city.

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