#aegeanodyssey2016 Leaving Selçuk and Walkabout Izmir 

The day began with a goodbye.  

 Checked out from the Villa Dreams II, our fabulous accomodation in Selçuk. 

Our host, Rejab kindly sent us to the train station cause actually we’ve been looking for it since we arrived hahahahaha.

It’s just temporary station while the build  a proper one.

On the train, sampit berabis dalam dunia. It was so full and we didn’t have any seats. Then there was this woman who had a stroller on the train, sans baby and refused to fold it to give more space for other people. Annoying jua tu dalam dunia.

Long story short a nice old man gave me some space in front of his seat. I put my bag there and sat on it while talking to him. He asked me if I’m arab, if  I’m muslim, and where I am going.

Hehe bless all nice Turkish people 🙂

Anyway, the landscape in Izmir is very reminiscent of Kings Landing.


Funny I only thought of Game of Thrones at Izmir, instead of Ephesus.  

Arrived at Basmane, feeling squashed and famished!

So we looked around for a place to eat. And boy did we eat!   

 After makan, it’s shopping time!

We went around looking for a market haha. Hashtag #bruneians.


Just a nice market. 

We changed money too and got good rates.

Then rushed back to the airport, by train yakni walking while carrying the 10kg baby on my back, by the time we arrived at the station, I was drenched in sweat!


But those few minutes of sitting down were like heaven!

Then checked in – SunExpress airlines this time back to Istanbul in time to catch a flight to Kayseri.

Now we’re in the airport – 10:37pm. Flight is at 11:30pm. I’m so kalat mata haha. 

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