#aegeanodyssey2016 Athens Life Goes On

Thank you all for the well wishes! We are all ok. 

The next day, properly rested, in our new hotel we recovered and got back our bearings. The situation was not too bad:

  1. We are safe
  2. We have money 
  3. We are insured
  4. The view from the rooftop in our hotel was absolutely wonderful!


We are lucky we have friends to help us in the UK High Commission as well as in Athens. Even luckier that we’re Bruneians cause our overseas missions are always so kind and helpful!

As mentioned in previous post, we moved from our current Airbnb and checked into a new hotel in the safer Syntagma area. 

I mentioned the cancellation to the host, but did not officially cancelled it yet. As you may remember my camera was still there.

My situation was particularly not complicated as I’ve only withdrew about €120 at the ATM, and I have probably about TL200++ left so its all about less than BND400.

I lost credit cards, IC, driving license, my favourite and most precious SupaSave card hahaha.

Just to clarify, all our bags were zipped close and put in front of our bodies. The pickpockets were very very skilled. There was nothing more we could have done. This was something that we couldn’t have known.

So what does one do when faced with this kind of predicament?

Life goes on.


The next day, we went walking about Athens. Tinos, our local friend joined us as well. He is our Google Map. Haha.

But first, breakfast!


This place, Zolotas, I think that’s what it’s called has THE BEST COFFEE!

Athens has an amazing coffee culture. Tinos, drinks coffee everytime he sits down haha. I don’t blame him, coffee here is so yummmmm!

On this day we went to the following places:

1.  Bank of Greece (their Centralbank) heheheh took plenty of photos too for mostly the irony.    

2. Building on Panepistimiou that we’re not sure apa. (Tinos was not sure πŸ’†πŸ» he grew up in Beijing)   

Owls everywhere! This is cause owls are the symbol for Athens. 
3. University of Athens

Continuing our walk along Panepistimiou, we arrived at the University.   
I don’t understand the graffiti on these buildings. I appreciate street art but feel seeing them – haphazard – on beautiful 18th century buildings – they are an eyesore.

There’s no semblance of art, just rage and anger. The further u getfrom the city centre, the more rudimentary and menacing they get, reflecting the feelings of the people there.

It’s very intriguing. 

4. Library of Athens

At least I think it is the library. I wouldn’t want to climb up a winding staircase to borrow books but that’s me.    
5. Cheese Pies

Greeks love cheese and in the mornings, they love to eat cheese pies! 

This is so delicious and nyaman to eat with coffee!!!!

6. Parliamentary Building     

 We wanted to do a group photo with the guard but the military guy there yelled at us. Apparently cannot. Mesti one by one. They should put up a sign.

7. Concert Hall

Looks decrepit but apparently still in use. 

8. Acropolis

Wow! Finally made it to the Acropolis 😭😭😭   

Sayangnya Tinos didn’t really know much about  the history of the Acropolis so we couldn’t really ask a lot. But the view was breathtaking. And the feeling of being there is simply marvellous.

By the way, I know its not fair to compare, we think Turkish Govt is so much better at preserving their national heritage sites than Greece. 

We think it’s very sayang.

9. Acropolis Museum   

 What a wonderful museum! Pity I couldn’t take photos inside.

It basically exhibits collection of items excavated from the Acropolis and what it tells us about how people lived back then.

10. Shopping around Plaka  

11. Dinner at Psarras


 Greek food is so delicious!!!!

Seriously I love it. It’s hearty, healthy and full of flavours.

After dinner, we went back to our Airbnb to get my camera. With Tinos leading the way in front, as we went by foot, we really saw the social problems plaguing the city.

Homeless people were everywhere, taking up the streets as their homes. Some areas are so unsanitary and dark, and you can feel that it was getting more and more ghetto the further u get from the city centre. 

We can see that most of these homeless people are actually not from Athens or even Greece – perhaps some are refugees from neighbouring Syria from their facial features. 

We finally arrived to the Airbnb, tried to open the door and to our shock and horror, there was someone in there! 

OH MY GOD. That bitchface landlord actually rented out the apartment thinking that we had vacated the place.

There was one guy, American, plus 2 girls. Seriously????? We didn’t take photos cause isn’t it scary that there is a person in the place where you are supposed to be staying????? 

Thankfully my camera was ok. We retrieved it and got the hell out of the place.


That stupid host!!!!!! 

Thanking the current occupants and apologising (why am I apologising its our apartment?????) we went out, and suddenly we saw lights blinking outside from inside. 

Of course cautious, plus our experience in the area had not exactly been that wonderful, we slowly opened the door. 

There were 2 men outside peeing AS IN PENIS OUT on the very building we are in. One in clear view, and another hidden. Like, WHY? I don’t know for sure what they are planning but I trust my instincts and can tell u that I am so glad there is many of us (including 2 guys) and not just us girls.


We all quickly went away from the place, never ever to return again. Apa nya orang INDA MASUK GURIS.

You would think that this drama is over. But it’s not. When I got back to the hotel, I immediately emailed Airbnb and lodged a formal complaint. I also asked for a refund in the resolution centre.

As sad I was to say, drama to be continued next day. Stay tuned! 

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