Happy 32nd National Day, Brunei!

As usual I woke up today flooded on Whatsapp with photos of family members captured on TV while participating in the livecast of the national day parade on RTB.  

Nephew Syahmiee holding number 66.

 Husband somewhere in the back (look for the beard haha)

Husband is what I call a “career walker” – he participates every year. Hahaha. He says its super hot, but very fun. Great opportunity for networking and there’s no harm just walking around.

Also some photos of my colleagues participating in the parade under Brunei Association of Banks.   

Same old national day parade. Bet we’re one of the rare countries in the world that can have this kind of parade without a riot or a demonstration happening at the same time.

Blessed. Peaceful Brunei.

Though we do the same thing annually there is some charm in the way it is so familiar and comfortable. 

I noticed some difference in this year’s national day deco that deserves a special mention, the hashtag. 
Real cute! Minimalist with impactful relatability. 

I also heard that the organisers have done away with the packed lunches. That’s the best idea I’ve heard. Super big expense, but don’t know how many times I open those packed lunches and they’re already bangas. No one really eats them (not that nice) and they get thrown away (not in proper dustbins). Sayang. 

Kudos for that. #timeforchange

Anyway, happy national day Brunei! Lets have an awesome year! 

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