Internet Addict: How to Combat Addiction

Today with all data and Internet services down on Progresif Cellular, I realised that I simply cannot function properly without Internet.  

  This message confirmed my nightmares. 


  • I can’t whatsapp vendors for follow ups (work)
  • I can’t discuss with my Suckmed about Leonardo winning an Oscar (not work)
  • I had to resort to SMS (work and non work)
  • I had to use office computer to transfer $16 on iBanking (not work)
  • Can’t check husband’s last seen timestamp (not work)
  • No reading material in the toilet (life and death)

Worst of all, my Instagram is stuck on this, unable to load new posts:  


So after the initial anger of WHY ME, I came to denial. I kept on switching on and off my iPhone and iPad hoping it’s a fluke.

Finally, after about 2 minutes of sadness, came acceptance.

But that lasted till 530pm. The addiction made me buy a DST Go!Broadband Starter Pack for $30 and a new Mifi in Netcom (cause my Mifi’s battery life sucks and sometimes it doesn’t detect the simcard – it’s so damn old!)  

See what cold turkey made me do? This is just in case it’s still down tomorrow!!! 

Ok fine I’ve always wanted to replace mine hehehe. I use this for travel by the way. Much more convenient as I only use data and don’t really like to take my PCSB sim out in case I get important SMSes.

While having dinner, I did receive this follow up text from Progresif:

Yay!!!!!!!!! Quick quick!!!!!! I miss u!!!!!!! All 10GB of u (I’m on the Smart Plan btw – with 10GB of data for $55 #cheap) 😁😁😁

So yes apologies to all of u who came here to read how to overcome an Internet addiction.

As you can see you came to the wrong place and I am still hopelessly addicted.

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