Lifehack: Prevent Windscreen Damage from JPD Roadtax Sticker

2 years ago, JPD (Jabatan Pengangkutan Darat) introduced new roadtax formats which is a self adhesive sticker. It features a barcode and mmmm yes yes bery good prevents fraud.

However how many of u hate the new self adhesive roadtax??!! Me hate it so much because of this:


Everyone knows hot weather and stickers don’t mix and believe me my car is always out and about!

I’ve recently renewed my car insurance & roadtax and as usual I do it from Baiduri Finance (nation’s number 1 automobile finance company fyi 😜😜😜 don’t mind the bias). 

This year my renewal pack comes with a roadtax sticker. I was like hmm, what’s this for? Sikit lagi me cakap, “nda payah tah”. Haha!

Then sudah my brain finally woke up, barutah realised, it’s supposed to act as a protective barrier between the windscreen and the roadtax. 

Aiiiii sakai ku!!! Sakaiiiiiii.

Mun inda bepaluh2 melakat plus anxiety cause if BIUT u have to live with it for a year. Hahahah.

In short, if you wanna save your windscreen, buy a sticker like this! Or get your insurer to give u one for free! 

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