#GoTemburong Day 03: Bamboo Chicken, Rafting, Bangar Tamu, Burger Udang Galah

On the third day, we were supposed to wake up at 5am for a morning trek to catch a pretty sunrise.

We all woke up 730am – slept like BATU.

So no sunrise.

But breakfast was a beautiful spread of nasi lemak, eggs, baked beans, toast, and kuihs ♥️

I have to say Freme really is very experienced handling international tourists. They know to serve simple and seemingly local cuisine as well as foods that foreigners are more familiar with.

So since we missed the sunrise trekking, we had a more relaxing morning which began with a cooking class, followed by rafting, and a tour of Bangar. Check it out in my vlog below. 🙂


Bamboo Chicken or Ayam Pansuh is an Iban dish which combines chicken, potatoes, garlic, tamarind, onions, lemongrass and ginger and then gently stewed in an actual bamboo over charcoal. The result is a lovely, tender chicken dish that soothes the soul.

Our guide, Fiona, who is an Iban herself mentioned that the dish is usually eaten with rice also cooked in bamboo – resembling lemang.

Both has a smoky and subtle bamboo flavour resulting from the vessel where it’s cooked. But more importantly it tastes very clean and wholesome.


One of our activities that day was rafting. I didn’t participate as I really can’t lift my arms 😂 but Gzul and Shaf were really into it! Have a look at these posers haha.

And sudah siap kajah atu diusung bagai queen.

😂😂😂😂 Nda kan melambai!!!!


We has sometime to rest, had lunch and pack, and then off we went to Bangar.

In Bangar we had a walking tour, that ended at the Tamu.

We got to buy tidbits to bring home. Yums! Yam Chips, Wajid, and omg, best of all: BURGER UDANG GALAH.

I can’t even. NYAMAN BERABIS DI DUNIA!!! The paste on the handmade prawn patty are the prawn fats (otak udang!).


Take me back to Temburong!


It’s a bittersweet end as I seriously enjoyed this package and the company I had all the way! In the beginning I thought omg, hope I’ll survive ok haha – u know I love my urban comforts- internet, aircond, etc. But it actually reminded me how much I enjoy nature. I don’t really know how to describe it but it makes me feel alive.

Some people may think that it’s not suitable for kids but actually, in the campsite there was also a local family and a little boy having the best of times!

For more info on the package that we did, head on over to Brunei Tourism’s website. Thank you to Brunei Tourism who gave us the opportunity to experience this package and a million thank yous to our hosts both at AZ Back to Nature, as well as at the Freme Rainforest Lodge. I enjoyed myself completely and highly recommend this package!

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